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[Guide] Install Mac os High Sierra on Asus ROG GL553VD

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Hello, I have the same laptop that you, the Asus ROG GL553VD (with the i7-7700HQ processor). Can I ask you guys a couple of questions? I installed Mojave some days ago:

- What is your idle processor freq?

- How did you make Fn keys to work? (I specially want to turn off/control keyboard backlight)

- How can I know if Nvidia GPU is off? I know I can't use it with Hackintosh but maybe it's using some power, I don't know really.

- Does your SD card work?

- Also, anytime I connect a 3.0 device I have to plug it in the 2.0 port otherwise I can't access.


I'm a little newbie but learning lots, sorry if Im asking a lot haha, hope you can help me!



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On 6/29/2018 at 1:58 PM, darkbluecode said:
Hi . i was working hard for full use this laptop on mac .
It's so easy but you most install mac os high sierra for use my file .

Hardware Specs
Intel i7-7700HQ CPU
Intel HD Graphics 630 / nVidia GTX 1050 Ti (the nVidia card is disabled due to its Optimus configuration)
12GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM
15.6” 1080p matte display

Intel AC 7265 Wireless card:
  • You WILL need to replace this to get wireless functionality! or use usb wifi

What’s Working:
  • cpu
  • intel gpu
  • touch pad
  • brightness
  • usb
  • speker with out noise and so loud
  • battery* number in setting fake ( 100 = 97 or 96 - i used HWMonitor for show true number )
  • keyboard
  • lan
  • fn only for sound
  • hdmi
  • NVIDIA Chip Model ( only for see necessary for work hdmi )

Step 1 : how can i install ???

you most block gtx1050m 
but how ?
you most use my clover file.
Step 2 : after install i have so bad graphic 
you most install kext ( IntelGraphicsFixup.kext and Lilu.kext ) in s/l/e with kext unity .

Step 3 : i haven't audio  
you should install kext ( AppleALC.kext and CodecCommander.kext ) in l/e
Step 4: how can i use touch pad ??
for install touch pad i use dsdt patch (Elan 1200) and voodooi2c 
  • one !!! you most remove kext (AppleIntelLpssL2C.kext and AppleIntelLpssI2CController.kext )
  • you most install kext ( VoodooI2C.kext and VoodooI2CHID.kext ) in s/l/e
but after install kexts touch pad doesn't worked ??
you most use my clover file in clover file i inserted dsdt patch for i2c elan 1200

       Step 5 : tell about the battery ?
       install kext (ACPIBatteryManager.kext) in s/l/e

Step 6 : i can't control Backlight ?
install kext (AppleBacklightInjector.kext) in l/e

Step 7 : but other item ??
 for other item only use my clover file in EFI partition .


for temp i installed HWMonitor.dmg ( kext install in l/e )

after all Steps open terminal in use code (sudo kextcache -i /)

***** for install kext in s/l/e you most use kext unity *****

for Backlight fn key go to the setting - keyboard - shortcuts - display and set f5 and f6 )

New step ! = hdmi 
for use hdmi port we most use Nvidia but how ?? ( use HDMI zip file ) 
not really work that chip . 

  • install NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext on s/l/e 
  • copy NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext on EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other 
  • remove old config.plist on EFI/CLOVER/ and replace with new config.plist file 
  • remove SSDT-DiscreteSpoof on EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched
  • install WebDriver-387. ( link )
  • now reboot your mac os !!




Hey i am trying the same from last 7 days but no luck. I always stuck on post installation error "windowsserver ran only for 0 second" 


please help can you upload image of your installation with efi to google drive. I will be very grateful to you. If you can please make a step by step tutorial of it with all needed files. 



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