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Mojave..G210, (Tesla)

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Hi, do a fresh install, in my case 10.14.1, install updated clover (config.plist + drivers64 edit), on USB installer and GeForceTesla.kext from https://forums.macrumors.com/members/asentientbot.1135186/(Installed manually).Repair permissions and rebuild cache with Kext utility (put directly directory S/L/E from usb into the app) then become installation.This has been my method after many times i stucked on grey screen with cursor mouse locked during the first boot after installation.Maybe these steps can help people with the same card trying Mojave for the first time.

I don't know if QE/CI are fully enabled, launchpad I think is accelerated, but of course metal is unsurpotted.

Post install you have to reinstall graphics kexts as crazybirdy says with kext utility.



Mojave asus geforce 210.png


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