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Clovy theme is still missing os_ / vol_recovery (mac) and other distros than Ubuntu not show any icon (on my case).

Oh ya, plus empty icon for cd_ / vol_optical device. (not a request btw, just a report). Thanks.



VirtualBox_Clover GUI_23_11_2018_21_53_44.png



#EDIT: Also found an issue that; after using (for example) any Raster theme with 256px for MainEntries then switch to Clovy, the last space between Entries will follow those (previous) 256px one. 

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Is there a way to reset nvram on a system that gets stuck at scanning entries?

I switched to the Clovy theme and now it’s stuck at scanning entries. F11 does nothing.

Theme is set in nvram so booting from a usb inst working either.

I can access my config.plist from windows.


Is there a way to clear nvram via UEFI shell?



I installed an older version of clover prior to vector themes being added and i could boot from USB into my OS and now i have been able to remove my nvram theme.

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BGM_SVG is coming along.


Yes, there are still some incomplete/missing icons and others need a re-work etc. The background is not done yet and the checkboxes and radio buttons don't align properly blah blah... 


... But here's an updated version if anyone's interested :P


EDIT: Attachment removed





Edited by blackosx

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Hi blackosx,

We can make animation for vector theme same way as in raster themes.

<g id="BannerAnimation">

<g id="frame_1">...

<g id="frame_2">...


Just draw them and I can write the support.

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On 11/26/2018 at 7:17 PM, blackosx said:

BGM_SVG is coming along.


Yes, there are still some incomplete/missing icons and others need a re-work etc. The background is not done yet and the checkboxes and radio buttons don't align properly blah blah... 


... But here's an updated version if anyone's interested :P






Great to see your theme is SVG variant!

I made support for missing icons:

All missing macOS will be replaced by common os_mac icon

All missing linuxes (?) with os_linux. Not sure about different linux names.


Also I continue working on proper alignments.

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I implemented <symbol> support, it will be a great help to create themes because of many similar elements.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Generator: Adobe Illustrator 22.1.0, SVG Export Plug-In . SVG Version: 6.00 Build 0)  -->
<svg version="1.1" id="Layer_1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" x="0px" y="0px"
	 viewBox="0 0 128 128" style="enable-background:new 0 0 128 128;" xml:space="preserve">
<style type="text/css">
<symbol  id="rombs" viewBox="-44.515 11.475 48.051 48.051">
	<path class="st0" d="M-20.49,43.294l-6.348,6.348l6.348,6.348l6.348-6.348L-20.49,43.294z M-28.284,35.5l-6.348,6.348L-40.98,35.5
		l6.348-6.348L-28.284,35.5z M0,35.5l-6.348,6.348l-6.348-6.348l6.348-6.348L0,35.5z M-14.142,21.358l-6.348,6.348l-6.348-6.348
<use xlink:href="#rombs"  width="48.051" height="48.051" x="-44.515" y="11.475" transform="matrix(1 0 0 -1 54.1565 66.8333)" style="overflow:visible;"/>
<use xlink:href="#rombs"  width="48.051" height="48.051" x="-44.515" y="11.475" transform="matrix(0.6453 0.7639 0.7639 -0.6453 79.8232 84.2069)" style="overflow:visible;"/>
<use xlink:href="#rombs"  width="48.051" height="48.051" x="-44.515" y="11.475" transform="matrix(1.773 0 0 -0.5535 100.3277 122.8862)" style="overflow:visible;"/>


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I have some problems when choosing F1 on two different systems






Edited by droples

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Thanks for the report droples.

Though I don't see that here in either QEMU of booting my hack (Legacy boot using r4784)





Could it be a language issue? Do you normally see that page in Russian? The font I'm using doesn't contain any cyrillic glyphs. But then, no it can't be as your screenshot shows F11 - Reset NVRAM... I don't know then, other than a bug.




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We have a feature in the vector theme support that we can use three different fonts for common Menu, for Help and About, and for Message Row.

<g id="MenuRows"><text style="font-family:sans-serif;font-size:14;font-color:white">Menu</text><g>

<g id="HelpRows"><text style="font-family:full-unicode;font-size:16;font-color:darkgreen">Help</text><g>

<g id="MessageRow"><text style="font-family:beuty-script;font-size:30;font-color:yellow">Boot macOS from HDD</text><g>


And this additional SVG fonts can be placed near theme.svg.


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Hi blackosx,

We can make animation for vector theme same way as in raster themes.




Just draw them and I can write the support.

Hi Slice,

I've created a theme file with a trial animation for the banner logo. It will need work moving forward but for now, I’d like to see if you can work with it?





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6 hours ago, blackosx said:

Hi Slice,

I've create a theme file with animation for banner logo. It's just a test for now.

Can you see if you can work with it?





I made alpha version of animation support and committed to 4788.

It should work but I forget something. Hope tomorrow I'll make it working

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 23.18.58.png

all frames loaded

13:681  0:017  frame 0 loaded
13:699  0:018  frame 1 loaded
13:715  0:016  frame 2 loaded
13:732  0:017  frame 3 loaded
13:750  0:017  frame 4 loaded
13:769  0:019  frame 5 loaded
13:786  0:016  frame 6 loaded
13:807  0:020  frame 7 loaded
13:830  0:023  frame 8 loaded
13:853  0:022  frame 9 loaded
13:879  0:025  frame 10 loaded
13:902  0:023  frame 11 loaded
13:924  0:022  frame 12 loaded
13:945  0:020  frame 13 loaded
13:968  0:023  frame 14 loaded
13:995  0:026  frame 15 loaded
14:018  0:023  frame 16 loaded
14:040  0:022  frame 17 loaded
14:064  0:023  frame 18 loaded
14:085  0:021  frame 19 loaded
14:110  0:024  frame 20 loaded
14:133  0:022  frame 21 loaded
14:159  0:026  frame 22 loaded
14:185  0:025  frame 23 loaded
14:209  0:024  frame 24 loaded
14:235  0:025  frame 25 loaded
14:261  0:026  frame 26 loaded
14:291  0:029  frame 27 loaded
14:320  0:028  frame 28 loaded
14:352  0:032  frame 29 loaded
14:383  0:031  frame 30 loaded
14:417  0:033  frame 31 loaded
14:449  0:031  frame 32 loaded
14:482  0:033  frame 33 loaded
14:516  0:033  frame 34 loaded
14:549  0:033  frame 35 loaded
14:581  0:032  frame 36 loaded
14:613  0:032  frame 37 loaded
14:650  0:036  frame 38 loaded
16:091  1:441  User offset X 255 is out of range
16:106  0:014     corrected to default 104
16:114  0:008  User offset Y 255 is out of range
16:123  0:009     corrected to default 104

except frame 39. Why? 



To the theme.svg I added into section





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