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Based on the history of OS X and macOS releases, I think we will have at least 1 or 2 more macOS releases before X86 code will be dropped.


There's a pattern in the release cycle If you take a look at this version history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacOS_version_history#Releases


Especially in the transitional periods with overlapping support for different CPU architectures when the switch from PowerPC to Intel happened. It spaned over thre OS generations starting from Tiger, where Intel was introduced firs t to Snow Leopard which was the last OSX supporting Power PC Apps.


Skipping forward to 2019, 32 bit App Support is dropped from Catalina and it becomes 64 Bit only. With the release of Big Surin 2020,  ARM Instructions Support is Introduced. Now, as far as the pattern in release cycle is concerned, it would be logical to drop Intel Support with the next or thr release after that. I bet Apple would love to drop Intel support as quick as possible if they wouldn't have to provide support for their hardware for 5 years. On the other hand Devs need time to adjust to the new platform and make the transition to arm and rebuild their programs, so that the run on ARM natively.


So if you bought an iMac20,1 or 20,2 these come with 10the Intel CPUs. so Apple has to assure support until 2024/25. Will Apple support X86 that long? i doubt it, I think in the end mac users will stay on some older macOS while M1 moves on.


As far as Hakckintoshing is concerned, we will either have to stay on whatever the last macOS with Intel support is going to be (one or two OSes post big Sur) or we will have to see if other manufacturers will produce Desktop/Laptop ARM CPUs which can either emulate M1 or run M1 instructions and if a bootloader can run on it. But as far as I am aware Hackintoshing really picked up the pace once Apples switched to Intel CPUs, so I doubt that emulating Apple Silicon will happen any time soon, if at all. But there's always hope…

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Apple has a story of adop fastly new CPU technologies. It's obvious that in a short period of time (shorten than we expected) Apple deprecated all x86 architecture.

If ypu are happy with the Hack you've got, will be okey for a while. But remember: the technology goes fast in the time we're living today, and Apple Silicon CPUs won't be the last stop...

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So, all the M1 chips basically have the same performance right? Like, an M1 iMac isn't as fast as a specced-out iMac Pro, or am I wrong?

What about Mac Pro? Do you think Apple will be able to create a chip that can challenge the Mac Pro? 

And will Apple be able to throw Mac Pro buyers who spent 20K+ on a computer under the bus 2 years down the line? 

Really curious to see how things will pan out.

Nobody cares! Neither Apple, nor business buyers who depreciate the equipment under 3 years plans. 35 years ago, IBM were selling their PC AT 100k; nothing's changed...

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