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High Sierra clover won't boot.

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Ive installed high Sierra using an usb with clover. worked flawless and without any hassel.
now my problem is that after I've installed osx and I can't get the hard drive itself to boot. it boots fine with the usb.
ive installed clover (the newest version) on the same hard drive as macOS, I've tried installing clover on another hard drive, I've tried the formatting the partition with clover to FAT, ExFAT, Mac OS Extended, APFS.
Ive even tried copying all the files from the usb and replaced them with the ones on the hard drive but nothing..

I've tried booting with UEFI, LEGACY in bios, I've tried resetting the bios and its automatic on legacy after resetting.

Im getting the "selected boot device failed,Press any key to reboot the system" message whatever I do.

Ive installed macOS high Sierra before on the same pc with the same setup and it worked flawless. ran both MacOS and windows 10 on different hard drives. Now I removed all the drives, formatted them and chose to just install macOS bc I barely use windows anymore. Ive installed macOS high Sierra on the ssd that had windows before but cleaned it and formatted it on a MacBook Pro before putting it back in the pc. (hooked up as an external to the MacBook Pro)
So, what am I supposed to do here? Ive tried a clean install twice, on different hard drives but I get the same message as above.
guessing it must have something to do with the bios or perhaps the clover installation. its just that the usb works and I did the exact same procedure as the usb.

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Did you ever resolve this? I have a very similar issue...works perfectly from USB, but not from HDD...even with exact same clover config.

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