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[TECHNICAL] HD3000 10.14 - what's blocking acceleration?

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Something in 10.14 is intentionally blocking HD3000 acceleration.

Even if you install all of the kexts and bundles, and set useMetal and useIOP to false, there is no acceleration:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.CoreDisplay useMetal -boolean no; sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.CoreDisplay useIOP -boolean no

It is **not** a linking problem/missing symbol problem. 
WindowServer loads the GLDriver, and then immediately something decides "nope" and calls gldTerminateLibrary.




What does not work:

* replacing OpenGL/OpenCL/GPUSupport frameworks from 10.13 (it boots, but no acceleration still)
* replacing CoreDisplay from 10.13 (boots, glitchy GUI, no acceleration still)
* replacing SkyLight from 10.13 (Missing symbols, impossible to fix/dependency hell).


I'm pretty sure something in skylight is blocking it. Anyone want to help?


P.S. AppleGVA framework still has Gen6Accelerator code in it even on 10.14.

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Remember GMA950/GMA X3100 and Mountain Lion back in 2012 ? ...

Some people are still asking about graphics acceleration with these GPUs in Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan in 2018 ! :yes:


Same battle? :whistle:


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If you open the binaries of Skylight and WindowServer in Hex editor, a list of other mentioned frameworks and libraries stored in /usr/bin can be seen. Maybe replacing all of these frameworks and libraries from High Sierra may permit the acceleration. I didn't try it yet. Anyway, if no boot is possible replacing Skylight, replacing other stuff may not help at all. Another thing to try is exclude Skylight or somehow disable it and substitute CoreGraphics and Quartz frameworks from El Capitan (Seems Skylight was introduced in Sierra). Just replacing kexts, I can boot in safe mode with loading of Framebuffer kext only, otherwise It stucks at a black screen.

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