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So I have now become semi-retired and have more time to go back to looking at the unlocker code. My plans are to start a 3.0 version which includes:


  • Specifically for Workstation 14 and Fusion 10
  • ESXi support 6.0-6.7 if possible
  • Remove the non-Server check for versions 10.5 (Leopard) & 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Tools download needs to get 2 ISOs depending on the version of macOS running in the guest
  • A simple way to bootstrap a new macOS High Sierra VM directly from Apple software download repos
  • AMD for recent CPUs using CPUID masking techniques (will need volunteers with Ryzen systems)


Now this is not going to happen overnight as I am enjoying some freedom after 30+ years in the software industry and I have other projects both IT and non-IT related that will also take my attention.


Do you, the great InsanelyMac community, have any suggestions that I can look into for the future?



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Congrats on retirement!





I'd say most are for Esxi if possible 

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Thank you for a great tool.I vote for the first item and the second-before-last item.

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A million thanks for you for your efforts, Donk, they are and always have been appreciated. I wanted to check out Mojave the other day and grabbed the installer .app for it, didn't feel like attempting to convert it to a bootable ISO for VMware Workstation booting/installing, so I did a clean installation of High Sierra 10.13.5, then immediately went into the Mojave upgrade process and boy, does performance suck big time now. I think Apple's decision to alter the internals of how macOS handles video displays and content - and yes I'm well aware that under VMware Workstation we have no hardware video acceleration at all of any kind - will alter whether or not people decide to attempt to use Mojave in a VM.

The performance of anything related to the UI is abysmal, and I'm using a Kaby Lake CPU with the Intel HD 620 under Windows 10 Pro x64 for the moment. With High Sierra on the same machine and as a VM performance is acceptable, yes it's slow as expected but in overall use it's "workable" - but when I rebooted to Mojave I was rather shocked at how slow the video UI performance was, it's downright molasses in winter. I rebooted the VM a few times with no effect - it just sucks, and I don't think that even a fully clean installation of Mojave - at least at this point - in a VM isn't going to make any difference whatsoever.


Maybe as time passes Mojave in a VM (at least on a Windows host, I was going to try it on a Linux host but honestly I don't think that will matter either) will improve but I'm not gonna bet on it. For now, High Sierra 10.13.5 works great, no issues at all, so far so good.


Thanks again, Donk, glad to know you're 'retired' now, been that way myself for a long time, not much to do with my free time but mess with computers as I've always done so being retired really didn't change much for me at all. :D


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Great news to hear you are back to continue your excellent work with your unlocker. As always I am here to help in any way I can so please feel free to call on me for assistance. Finally enjoy your semi retirement, although I am sure you will still have a very full schedule!




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Thank you so much Donk, I look forward to try the new Unlocker 3 as soon as it's ready for beta-testing (I personally need it to run macOS 10.13 High Sierra in VM under VMware Workstation 14 Pro for Linux).


I will post my personal success story in macOS Unlocker 2.1 thread soon (some technical info in my signature), prior to that I'd like to do a bit more testing.


Re: Unlocker 3 :: Assuming the host CPU is i5 or i7 with 4 cores, would it be possible to create a 4-cores CPU VM for macOS?


I believe the work you are doing is of utmost importance for many Mac users, myself included, so I'll be happy to support it in any way I can (perhaps you can send me the info as to where I can send my humble contribution?)

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