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Final Cut Pro?


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Will the copy of Final Cut Pro I have for my PPC Mac Mini work on an Intel "hackintosh"? What about DVD Studio Pro?


short answer, no.


long answer, can you get it to run? kind of. You might get it running, but the video won't play back at full frame rates, and it'll likely crash sometimes. I doubt if DVDSP will work so great, and I'm not sure compressor will work at all, if it does it would be so crazy slow it wouldn't be worth it. Rosetta really isn't made for those type of media heavy applications. You'll want the universal versions, compiled for intel and PPC. I think they're still running the $99 or $199 cross-grade promotions, until the end of november, might have only been to the end of october though, not sure.


now if your version isn't legal and licensed, and you feel like getting a similar copy of the universal version, the usual places will have it, you can find torrents for it, and DVDSP.

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