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Mac 3.1 / 980ti 4k image too small causing chain of issues

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Just got a Geforce 980 Ti and 4k tv for my old (not Hack)  MacPro 2008.  4k image is too small, and no controls for scaling, so trying to use SwitchResX, but it now says no custom anything in OSX 10.11.6 (can't update further) without first disabling SIP which seems to require CMD R at boot.  Unfortunately, no screen comes up when I do this.


Is this because the 980Ti can't display the  recovery mode boot screen?  It is "mac flashed", and does display option boot for drive selection.  Is something else going on, or am I going to need to reinstall the factory card just to access recovery mode just to disable SIP?


Am I missing another utility or simpler way I can get scaling options or other way to fix the display?

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SwitchResX requires SIP disabled during install if you want custom resolutions. can be enabled after.

if it's mac flashed then try different screen, not sure with that.

you can also do it blind, boot to recovery with no display,

give it a minute or two depending on hard disk speed.

press enter a couple of times

the do csrutil disable

type reboot.

have done it blind myself, but yea, unfortunately using the stock card is always a full proof method.


how did you flash a 980ti?

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