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Atheros ar9462 not catch wifi (scan not network found)

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Did you search the forum?



This being said, these Atheros cards only have poor support under macOS so you'd be well-advised to replace your AR9462 by a more compatible model.


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    • By pessott
      Hi everybody!
      I've just installed iAtkos L2 on my aspire M3-581tg (see tag for complete specs)
      Besides others many issues, i've not been able to get my wireless card working. the model name is AR5B22 and it's a combo wifi+bluetooth card. Under Archlinux the wifi chip is identified with AR9462.
      Is there any chanches to get it do it's job?
      Searched on google but didnt find anything usefull
    • By pessott
      Hi Everybody!!
      After messing around with many linux Distros, i've recently been attracted from the OS X, and wanted to get it working on my notebook. After many tries, following lot of different guides (non3 of them completely working to say the truth), I finally managed to install Lion 1.7.2 on my fresh Acer M3.
      The point of this Thread is help someone elsa with my hardware to accomplish this goal and, hopefully, get some help to make things works better (well, in some cases, just make them work would be enaugh :wink2:)
      see signature for complete hardware specs, anyway these are the main characteristics:
      Acer Mother board model MA50_HX (Bios: Insyde corp v1.08)
      Core i3-2377M
      Built-in HD3000 + nVidia Optimus discreete card nVidia GT640M
      Atheros AR9462 + NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe
      Standard PS\2 built-in Keyboard + Elan PS\2 Port Smart Pad
      I've to say that I'm quite good at linux, but completely new to OSX so I'm just starting to understand Kext, smbios and so on...
      What i've used:
      8gb USB stick
      iAtkos L2 dmg
      Chimera BootLoader (without this, touchpad isn't recognized during installation)
      Now that's what I've done:
      Downloaded iAtkos L2 dmg
      Installed it on VMWare (just to have a functional OSX for partitioning, restoring images etc), followed that guide that works really stright forward http://ilpico.it/wordpress/?p=2642 (It's in Italian, anyway if someone needs it I can traduce it)
      From Lion VMWare (or another working Mac OS), mounted the 8gb usb stick
      Entered Disk Utility, select the USB Stick, in "Partition" tab, selected 2 partition from the dropdown menu (i've used GUID partition table)
      Selected the first partition and changed size to something like 300-500MB, named it "boot"
      Selected the second partition and named it "iatkos"
      Partitioned the usb stick with this partition scheme.
      mounted iAtkosL2.dmg image
      in disk utility clicked on the mounted iatkosL2 image, and the in the expanded image
      Selected restore tab, dragged the expanded iatkosL2 image from the left inside the "source" field, dragged the "iatkos" partition inside the destination field. Proceeded to restore
      During the restore process, downloaded latest chimera bootloader pkg (i've used Version 1.9.2)
      When Restore process was complete (about 15-25min), opened the chimera pkg and then doble clicked the installer
      Proceeded througt the installation and changed the install destination to "boot" partition on my USB Stick
      When installation finishes, unmount partitions and rebooted
      At start up, selected the usb stick from boot menu
      In chimera boot loader, booted the iatkos image with -v GraphicsEnabler=No (otherwise the system tries to use the nVidia Card and cannot boot)
      Using chimera, when install screen arrives, touch pad was working, so proceeded trought the installation, initialized the partition i've wanted to use (i've used the whole 20GB SSD), selected only PS/2 Kext for making also the kayboard working. Also selected both Atheros driver but didnt' make my wifi card work.
      After install, booted in arch linux to remove every AppleIntelHD* and AppleIntelSNB* kext, otherwise boot hangs, even with GraphicsEnabler=No
      rebooted installation processes only for fixing permission trought disk utility
      Powered off and booted from SSD with GraphicsEnabler=No, this time i was able to reach the mail screen!!
      entered sytem setting -> chimera bootloader (or maybe it's called chameleon inside the system setting menu', dont remember right now), changed resolution to 1366x768x32, checked the "GraphicsEnabler=No" as boot option
      That's all, right now didnt apply any extra kext or smbios or dsdt.
      Now, that's wht's not workig, hoping some one can give me some good tips!
      - NETWORK: nor Atheros AR9462 nor NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe get detected. Simply no network interface. (En0 not present). Any suggestion here?? I think for the atheros there isnt much we can do, but i think should be possibile to make the ethernet work!
      - GRAPHICS: Intel HD3000 is recognized as "built in graphics", with only 64MB of memory and no specific Kext used for it. How can I use the intel HD3000 kext and graphicsenabler=yes without having the system tryng to use the nVidia card??? Maybe romoving nVidia Kext and placing back intel HD and Intel SNB???
      - INPUT: Keyboard it's ok, touch pad works with basic function (no gesture at all). anyway if I go in system settings -> touchpad, there's no device listed
      Anyone can suggest some fix for those problems? Should I fix my dsdt (if yes.... HOW??), should I use a smbios different from the stok one inside iAtkos (MacPro3,1)???
      Hope this post will be usefull to anyone with this hardware configuration, and hope some good soul will help me fix these issues!
      Thank you in advance!