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High Sierra not working touchpad secondary click with two fingers

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Hello all! My hackintosh high sierra is very beautiful work. Start from wifi, bluetooth, performance, and acpi patch. But I need solutions to get touchpad secondary click working in high sierra as well as in yosemite, secondary click in high sierra with two fingers click will not working after boot, cold boot and restart, its only available when i disable and enable it in system preferences and need return this step after restart, and i have to secondary click with three fingers click. I have edit the info.plist of Applesmartouchpad.kext following the developer instructions. In yosemite, secondary click with two fingers click working very well with my custom info.plist and without go to system preferences. My touchpad is elan v3 and have installed new version of AppleSmartToucpad.kext. Hope someone can help me. Thanks all!

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10 hours ago, RSN said:

I have an Apple Trackpad and have no problem at all. 10.13.4.

Let me know that you using apple magic trackpad.

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I have switching this key many times. But has no effect, three finger tap still detected as right click, the two finger tap detect as middle button.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 02.15.48.png

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