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Nvidia backlight control on HP OMEN ce003na

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Hi vanadium, we have the same laptop. Acer Predator Helios 500. Mine still has it's stock BIOS (not modded) and installed Sierra 10.12.6. I was trying to copy the patch the you did with your DSDT but I can't make the brightness slider appear in sys pref(my display is not recognized as "applebacklightdisplay"). So I just use your patch to put in my ACPI. It somehow works, my screen would dim versus when before that the brightness was in full blast and I get the brightness slider. Though, it does not work to adjust the brightness. But the problem when I use your DSDT and SSDT-8 is that my sleep would get messed up. It would sleep but then I guess when I wake it up am I just getting the black screen? Hard to tell.


I just want to ask if you had other patches in your DSDT besides the "Brightness fix" you did? Say a "sleep" patch or a "Power management" patch?


Sorry for reviving this old thread but this is just one of the few threads that involves an Acer Predator Helios 500 i7 8750H in its discussion.



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