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AMD A10-4655m (and probably similar low tdp platform) lagging performance

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hello everyone... i just want to ask any of you tried hackintosh on a low TDP AMD platform such as A10-4655m and experience some lagging performance in some applications? i'm asking this because i experience an annoying lagging when i use terminal and press tab key several times or when i start a virtual machine for the first time after boot. I don't know why but my guess is because of the low watt usage, the cpu make some sort of power sharing between instructions, but maybe i got a defect product. If you guys experience the same thing, that mean it is something normal. The funny thing is that i also experience the same performance lagging when i run the osx(yosemite) on virtualbox under linux host, but it only lag on the terminal on osx guest, the terminal on linux host and linux guest performs just fine. is this normal?

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