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Sierra Toshiba SandyBridge Reboot in Sleep and Shutdown

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Posted (edited)

Updating an older Toshiba SandyBridge laptop.

This is a simple Intel HD3000 version of the Toshiba L755 not the one with the dedicated NVidia GPU.

Exact specs:

Toshiba L755-S5368, i5-2430M, HD3000 (1366x768), 4GB DDR3, Conexant CX20585 audio, 3 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, VGA port.

Insyde H20 BIOS v2.70

Clover v2.3k_r3998 booting in legacy mode.

It had been running Mountain Lion flawlessly for a long time. I now have Sierra 10.12.6 loaded and most everything looks really good: SpeedStep, audio input and output, LCD backlight control, HDMI video & audio, USB ports, battery power status, you name it.

However, 2 major flaws remain.

1. The laptop reboots when going into sleep. Not when waking from sleep but when initially going into it.
2. The laptop reboots on shutdown.

I have extracted a fresh DSDT and tried all kinds of fixes, patched AICPUPM and RTC kexts, DSDT edits and config.plist entries all to no avail.

This system will even attempt sleeping and then reboot with NullCPUPowerManagement.kext loaded !

There is one thing a little different about this laptop. It sometimes gets into a state where it will not turn on at all, a brick. When this happens, I remove the battery and hold the power button to do an EC reset. Then it starts again just fine.

Every once in a blue moon, while running, it will just lock up, mouse cursor continues to respond but nothing else is happening, even the CPU readings on HWMonitor freeze. I need to do a hard shutdown and then it won't turn back on until I do the EC reset.

Just wondering if it's related, maybe an Embedded Controller issue with the sleep and shutdown.

I have enclosed support files, DSDT source with comments, CLOVER folder, & IORegistry file.


Thanks in advance to anyone with an idea.

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Posted (edited)

Aloha ALL


OK, figured this one out for myself ...


It turns out that my problem was entirely caused by the LAN/ethernet kext !


This old Toshiba L755 laptop has the Atheros AR8152 LAN chip onboard so I went with the v1.02 ALXEthernet.kext.


I believe this to be the latest available, tho' I might be mistaken.


My first clue came during trouble shooting, when everytime that I attempted to remove the Ethernet interface in System Preferences->Network, the system would KP in ALXEthernet.kext. I needed to first remove ALXEthernet.kext from EFI->CLOVER->kexts->10.12 and then the interface could be dropped peacefully.


After that, the system shuts down w/o rebooting with no special mods necessary AND most importantly of all, all initiations of sleep work perfectly, by menu selection, PowerSave timer and lid close. Plus lid wakeup is swift and unaided, no K/B or power button touch needed.


I ended up rolling back to the older AtherosL1cEthernet.kext. Either version 1.01b9 or 1.02b2 is OK.

While unplugged, my Ethernet interface status shows as Self-Assigned IP with a bogus 169.254.x.x address but it works, if connected. The poisonous ALXEthernet.kext correctly showed my ethernet status as Unplugged, BTW.


So that's a wrap !!!


Hopefully this helps somebody else out there :)




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