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NEWS FLASH: Apple switching away from Intel

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It's now official, and probably Apple has announced Mac's death. I don't think developers are excited to port their software to ARM architecture just because Apple decided to make a fancy Raspberry.


What about bootcamp? How do they plan to make it work with ARM? And maybe here's the answer for our community future.

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If you guys think that Apple Arm will be compatible with other ARM cpu's you must be deluded. Apple will manufacture own chips with own instructions. This is the end, in a few years of course.

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I know it'll never happen, but once the ARM Macs are the only game in town and x86 MacOS is replaced by Mac-iOS cute-n-fluffy, I would like to see Apple open source the x86 MacOS 10.xx line completely (not just pieces), and let the open source community have it.  Again, it will never happen, but it would be nice gesture to the developer community...for once.    

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