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why my WIFI download speed so slow?

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I'm on 10.13.4 everything is working fine however download are slow (Im in China) even when using VPN, on my MBP when downloading updates from Apple the speed can reach to 8mpbs without VPN.

IS that a driver issue?

what can be the fix?

picture from my router (I don't speak Chinese) Mac-Pro= Hackintosh / MBP=get high speed download.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 23.12.12.png

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Previously I was also facing the same issue of slow internet speed when connected via VPN on my Mac and without VPN I was unable to access the website because of geo-restrictions. After facing this issue I suggested to switch on other VPN which would never compromise on Internet speed. After searching finally I found the complete guide about some of the fastest VPNs for Mac that will not compromise on speed. After following the guidelines now I can freely use VPN to access the restricted sites anonymously without compromising on internet speed. Its really helpful.

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