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I need Help configuring Clover for triple boot

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First of all let me tell you guys that my english is very bad since its not my native language, but i prefer to post over here since I may receive help from more people

I just received this iMac as a gift not long ago, and i want to set it up for triple booting (MacOs, Windows and Debian), I have to say that I am just getting into Mac, and i still need to learn a lot of things about this new OS (I have used Windows and some Linux distros like Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu, but I'm still feeling like I'm a newbie hehehe)

I formatted the Mac OS and made a fresh installation, then I updated to High Sierra and used Bootcamp to install Windows 10, after that I installed Debian and was trying to make grub2 to discover MacOS without success, just to realize that I could not boot into Windows either because i was having an issue about failed location, I booted on windows by holding the option button on my keyboard, booted into Windows, but looks like somehow the grub bootloader got overwritten (cannot get into Debian anymore), right now I'm trying to set up Clover as my bootloader, but I need some help, I just installed it, but when i restart my Mac i just boot straight into MacOS (the default choice in Startup Disk) without seen the Clover Menu 

I have to say that my iMac has a fusion drive (120gb SSD + 1gb HDD) and for some reason i have 1 EFI folder on each drive

I appreciate any help from you guys, and thank you very much


iMac Specs.png

diskutil list.png

2 EFIs.png

1st EFI Folder.png

2nd EFI Folder.png

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