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3 Problems About Mac: VGA + BOOT Loader + Update


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Hi everyone:

I have two questions:

1-I've read about using the vista's boot loader in this site, I've edited it's boot loader (with bcdedit) but just like XP it dosen't work for both chain0 & boot.efi and it's because the vista's boot loader dosen't active the mac os x's partition, I use this method to boot to Mac OS X, I first active it's partition then insert Jas 10.4.6 (it's my mac os's version) setup DVD and boot to it but I don't press any key so it uses the chain0 to boot and simply goes to mac os!! Theres another way and it's using OS Selector of Acronis but both ways are not good!! I think it's very good to use Vista's bootloader, and if not please show me another good boot loader (I want a boot loader that reinstalling OSes dosen't harm it).


2-When I boot to my mac os the refresh rate dosen't go upper from 60Hz and my monitor supports to 75Hz (it's Sony HS75 LCD), my VGA is "ATI X800 128MB", I have the same problem with XP but installing the VGA's driver fixes the problem, so is there any driver for my VGA! I have to say that I cannot use internet in my mac os because it dosen't know my modem! Addition to refresh rate when I move my mouse or anything moves in mac os there's some graphical problems in the screen for example some part of screen dosen't refresh but I think changing the refresh rate fixes them!!!


3-Can I update from 10.4.6 to 10.4.8??? is it possible?? where's the torrent???


Please help me on this! Thx a lot

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Make your osx partition active, and use darwin bootloader to select osx or vista.


When you give people more details about your hardware they'll be able to help you about network, etc.


Search for word "natit" on this board for recent developments about graphics cards.


Answer to question 3 depends on your hardware. Browse this board about this question, its all over.

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Actually I've got nothin!!!

I actived my Mac OS X partition, added the code to my mac os x's file (I mean the time out) but still that problem, when system tries to boot I get this message: "HSF+ Partition Error" and no boot, I insert my install DVD and use it's darwin boot loader to boot, and actually my boot loader doesn't work!

About the VGA I searched that word in this forum but I've got nothin' I could not find the download page. if you have please send me the link or e-mail to my mail (alirezanoori_it@yahoo.com) or show me how to find it, I want a driver or patch for it. and if you want to know what's exactly my hardware's status here's all information:


HDD map: (250 GB SATA II):

Partition 1 : XP (Active)

Partition 2 : Mac OS X

Partition 3 : Vista

Partition 4 : Extended (rest of HDD)


Mac OS X version: 10.4.6 (jas)


CPU: 3.0 GHz HT Intel


VGA: ATI X300 128MB


Mouse + Keyboard : Logitech


Modem: Gigabyte 56K (if you have a driver link send me please, or if apple knows it please show me how to use it)


internet access: I'm using dial up but I can download big files. I have friends with ADSL.


Main Board: Gigabyte 8I915P Due Pro


and... (if you want more please tell me what you want)

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