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Help to change Arabic system locale in Wine, without change language in Mac.

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Recently I install wine and run "maktabah syameela", but that app is non-unicode, so when i open it, fonts are not readable and i see "rectangle font" only. when I change mac language, seems like font is readable, but not to all, other categories font in that app is "rectangle" only. I have copy all arabic font to .wine/diskc/windows/fonts/(here) but its same. help me please to fix this.. thanks..

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I did a bit of digging on this yesterday and today. I think I found a reason why this might be happening. 






That's a bit of info taken from this guide:



You could also try this I suppose but it seems like Wine isn't recognizing the character set used in the app. Change the pathway of the MS Office used in the example to the pathway of the app you are trying to port. Also I'm not 100% sure the "env" variable is used the same on Ubuntu and MacOS.







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