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Platform upgrade question

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in my attempt to replace my old C2Q system (which ran very fine most of the time) I am looking for am mainboard.


So I have two questions and I hope you can help me.


-How easy is it to get macOS up and running on coffee lake? The i5-8400 looks interesting to me

Is a lot of patching and fiddling required? I could throw almost any update to my old hack without any hassle and without breaking anything.


-Which mainboard would you recommend? Not too expensive (don't need a high-end rig), PCI slot would be nice (for my Soundblaster), USB-C would be a nice bonus but no must-have. Cusomizable fan-control in UEFI (curves and stuff) would be fantastic.


I'd pair it with my RX 560 4GB and 16GB RAM.


Thank you in advance!

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These CPUs (or future faster ones) are my long-term upgrade plan since they currently are too expensive for me, but will give me a nice boost in a few years to prolong the lifespan of this build...
Just as the C2Q gave my C2D system two more years :)

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