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Dan ZG

Some questions about DSDT (*.aml) loading in Clover

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Say I have TWO .aml files in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched -- dsdt1.aml and dsdt2.aml.

I want to compare how they affect my machine.

Now, I wanted to try NOT loading either of them. So in config.plist I set 'DSDT Name' set to null, i.e., there is no value.

But checking bdmesg it shows

Inserting dsdt1.aml from EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched ... Success
Inserting dsdt2.aml from EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched ... Success

Does "Inserting" mean they were loaded? Or just recognized?

Did BOTH of them get loaded?

Do they have to be called DSDT or is that arbitary?


Do I need to actually remove them from ACPI/patched in order to NOT load them?


I'd like to be able to choose a DSDT, or none, from within Clover at boot.


I'm hesitant to remove them because if one option prevents me from booting MacOS, then I'm SOL because putting it back will be a PITA.


Can I put them in a different folder and still load one from Clover options?



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just use it...

press O key in Clover boot screen, go to Acpi Patching/DSDT Name and put DSDT3.aml(file dont exist in ur folder Clover/Acpi/Patched and clover use native table), best for test, problematic edit, etc

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That's what I thought ... though I typed "xxx" instead of "dsdt3.aml" ... that should block also, yes?


So when bdmesg says "Injecting" ... what does that mean? It's not applying them?


Is there any way to be sure which AML was loaded, if any?

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That's what I thought ... though I typed "xxx" instead of "dsdt3.aml" ... that should block also, yes?


So when bdmesg says "Injecting" ... what does that mean? It's not applying them?


Is there any way to be sure which AML was loaded, if any?

u can extract DSDT after boot and check if have ur patches, if yes DSDT load

u can put name here

MaLd0n 2018-01-20 às 22.52.08.png

dsdt1, dsdt2, i put MaLd0n ;) just for fast check

just open Maciasl and u see if load or not


i never test xxx, but i think work too

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