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Intel Power Gadget 3.5.0

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Working on Ivy with 3.5.1.


However, I typically use the Intel Power Gadget, if at all, when launched from an app made by someone on this forum (whose name I do not recall) called CPU-S.  I tried to modify that app to update it to include IPG 3.5.1 but made a mess of it.  While I got IPG to load, I couldn't get rid of the prompt to install the kext for 3.0.3 and the Speed Step test gave me incorrect and nonsensical information. 


I am attaching the CPU-S app here.  I would appreciate it if its developer or someone else could update it to include IPG 3.5.1.  Thanks.


CPU-S v3.7 en.dmg.zip

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it must be a bios setting that i have that isnt passing the information through.

I do not know if that's what you said, but try resetting the bios and setting it up again with the minimum required! ?

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