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No NV web drivers for High Sierra Build 17C2205

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No, that build number is not a typo. I have an atypical Hackintosh setup, so let me explain. I have a Dell Precision T5500 tower with a Westmere Xeon and VMware ESXi 6.5U1 installed. I then run a Sierra VM with GPU passthrough to achieve a pretty satisfactory OS X experience  (no iMessage or FaceTime, but oh well.) The problem I'm having is with a High Sierra VM, though. As of the latest update, I'm getting build number 17C2205 which as far as I can tell, doesn't exist - certainly not on Nvidia's driver download page. 


This is actually an ongoing problem. Before the most recent update, the build number of this 10.13 VM matched that of an iMac Pro. That makes it impossible to install the Nvidia web driver, because Nvidia hasn't seen fit to release an eGPU driver compatible with the iMac Pro. I think it's possible to monkey with the build number if you turn off SIP, but getting to the recovery partition in a VM is a nightmare.


Just to be clear my Sierra VM is working fine w/ GPU passthrough, so I'm not dead in the water. It's just frustrating I can't get the latest and greatest working. Anyone have any suggestions?

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This High Sierra-related Web Driver thread (re)explains how to patch the package to bypass version-related installation problems. And it does mention build 17C205 which is the version post-supplemental update 10.13.2...




You can also look here:


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It's not build 17C205, it's build number 17C2205. And all the techniques in that post, from Flat Package Editor to the Nvidia Web Driver Installer failed. I did eventually get SIP disabled, but it didn't help.




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It is Build No. 17C205 for all real Macs except for the iMacPro, that model carries a Build No. of 17C2205.  Nvidia's Web Driver for C205 is here:




Don't think we'll ever see one for C2205, since the iMacPro is not available with an Nvidia GPU.



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