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Vitsa + OSX 10.4.6


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I have been running Vista for about 2-3 months and when I saw that RTM got leaked I jumped on it. Well meanwhile I found the amazing world of dualbooting with OSX 10.4.6.


So last night I spent most of the night trying to get the two to work together on my Sony VGN-SZ110 with one HDD partitioned 4 ways. I can get Vista to work then I can install OSX 10.4.6 and get it to run (but not without the DVD in the tray) but then Vista doesn't even see itself when I put in the install disk. So then I tried to do a clean install of Vista and while OSX 10.4.6 is installed on the harddrive Vista says it cannot find a partition needed for the install (even after I delete and reformat the Vista partition). It is only after I delete the OSX 10.4.6 that Vista will install. I cannot find any information (pouring over these boards) that really seems to be tailored towards this.



If anyone has done this they seem to say put this on and this will happen and then viola it works.

I cannot seem to do that.


So my questions:

Is there anyway to dual boot these two Operating Systems on one harddrive? If so how?

Is there a way to install one and then the other and get a bootloader working? If so how?

It seems Vista doesn't like OSX being on the same Harddrive so is there anyway around this? If so how?


I can get OSX 10.4.6 up and running and I can see my Vista partition but I cannot do anything but look. Any experience, comments, suggestions would be very helpful seeing that I am stuck in an infinite loop of installing one OS after the other then starting over again.

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Oh. Also is there a way to set a partition active in the terminal in OSX 10.4.6?

Because right now at boot of OSX 10.4.6 I get the "HFS+ Partition Error" and there is no boot?

I'm thinking that if I can change the active partition I can get Vista to install? Maybe?


Can some one give me an example if so?

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Ok let me set this up in the form of a guide or how to:


First I am on a:

Sony VIAO VGN-SZ110 with Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz

I have a 100GB Harddrive



Now I have used Vista's Partitioning Program to set up my harddrive like this:

30.1 GB C:\Vista NTFS

31.6 GB OSX HFS+ Journaled

33.4 GB D:\Programs FAT32


I have two system disks:

Vista RTM Build 6000

JaS OSX 10.4.6


Steps I've taken:

1. While running Vista I have created the partitions. I set the newly created partition (OSX) as active.

2. I restart the computer with the OSX CD in the tray. It says press any key to set up OSX 10.4.6 Darwin.

3. I hit "enter" key and it takes me to the Grey Apple Logo with the loading symbol.

4. I first go to Utilities and format the OSX partition as HFS+ Journaled.

5. I proceed with installation my computer restarts with the OSX CD in tray this time I do not touch and keys.

6. OSX 10.4.6 takes me through basic "set up your settings" setup.

7. OSX is up and running without support of 16:9 ratio or wireless card or sound.

8. I restart my computer taking out the OSX CD.

9. HFS+ Partition Error


Additional steps trying to dual boot:

So I know that OSX is running on my computer and I know how to do it. So now how do I get Vista to Load?

10. Insert Vista CD

11. "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" I press "enter" key.

12. Loads files and then brings me to the "Select your language" screen.

13. I Select english.

14. Setup now brings me to the "Install Vista" screen

15. Two options a."Install Vista Now" b."Repair this computer".


16a. "Please enter your activation key" I select no.

17a. I can now choose from any version of Vista, I select Ultimate.

18a. Terms of Agreement, I agree.

19a. Now select where I want Vista Installed I have my three partitions.

Vista C:\ Disk0p1 30.1 GB 21.8 GB Free

OSX(Not Labeled) Disk0p2 31.6 GB 0.0 GB Free

Programs D:\ Disk0p3 33.4 GB 14.6 GB Free

20a. I select Vista C:\ Disk0p1 and it says that "Windows was unable to find a system volume that fits the criteria needed for installation."

21a. I delete Vista C:\ Disk0p1 and then have a Unallocated Space Partition

22a. I create a new partition out of that Unallocated Space

23a. I format the new partition

24a. "Windows was unable to find a system volume that fits the criteria needed for installation."

This is where I am stuck no matter what interchanging those last few steps. It is only after I format the OSX Partition that Vista will install.


16b. I come to a screen that would usually show my Windows Installs but instead shows nothing.

17b. Load Drivers option I click and it says "Please select the sytem file that your operating system is on"

I am stuck at this point because I don't know where Vista's System Information Files are pertaining to the OS.


Sorry if this is redundant but I hope it helps.

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I recommend to download GParted Live CD. You can easily change your active partition booting from this CD.




What I did was:


1. Installed Vista to the first primary partition

2. Created second primary partition for OSX but formatted to FAT32 and no drive letter assigned.

3. Booted from OSX DVD, ran disk utility and reformatted FAT32 partition to "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)".

4. Installed OSX with appropriate options for the hardware.

5. Booted from GParted Live CD, set Vista partition Active, and then booted from Vista.

6. Copied chain0 file in OSX DVD to c: and edited boot menu on Vista with bcdedit command.


I didn't write small details but you can find all information you need seaching this forum. Oh, I used to use Darwin boot loader with RC1, but once I changed to RC2 it gave me the "HFS+ Partition Error" too. So I decided to switch to the chain0 method. I actually am interested if anyone succeeded using Darwin boot loader for dualbooting with Vista RC2/RTM.

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When the main screen showed up, I had /dev/hda1 (ntfs) and /dev/hda2 (hfs+) and /dev/hda2 had the "boot" flag. I did right click /dev/hda1 and selected the menu says " Manage Flags". Then checked "boot" checkbox and click "close" button. The change applied right away.

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Thanks for the help. I've got everything Running Smoothly.


I do have a few more questions about "drivers" for Mac. I am completely Mac Illiterate and know very little of the system structure or how to customize it so could you point me to a guide that would help increase my knowledge of the subject?


Also a guide for drivers and supporting programs? I have a widescreen display and a built in wireless card and neither are seen in OSX any suggestions?

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