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DSDT & Firewire

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I have a HP Elite 8200 running OSX Sierra, all works fine apart form FaceTime, messages and Sound, for which I use a USB DAC which works out of the box. Also the firewire card only works only on reboot. Once the machine goes to sleep on waking it I cannot connect to my firewire HD.


Under about machine I can see:


FireWire Bus:



  Maximum Speed: Up to 400 Mb/sec



Also looking at my EFI > ACPI > Patched, I cannot see a DSDT file, however I know I had one created to get sleep working correctly.


So, why does sleep still work if the DSDT is not in EFI > ACPI > Patched and what is the best way of getting the firewire card to work all the time.


Thank you



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Sorry for the late reply, I have tried adding the amended dsdt into the clover patched folder and the machine would not sleep.


I then tried adding the FireWire fix to the dsdt that was in the normal (non patched folder) and had the same issue so have given up for now.


What I don't understand is how sleep works without a dsdt in the patched folder?


I am sure I created one and put it in the patched folder when I installed OS X to get sleep working.


Thank you for your help.

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Thank you Sir, 


The amended DSDT work a charm with the sleep. Not had a chance to see if it would pick up the firewire hd if it is switched off when I turn the hack on.


Will try and give it a go at the weekend.

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