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Last update: 2 Dec 2017


Hello guys,


I have seen many instances where people start a thread with the problem they are facing on their hack.


They try to describe the issue in their own way that most of the times, is not able to properly describe what's going wrong with their system.


The developers and other members can point out the problem exactly when they have a set of files, called problem reporting files.


These are basically a set of files that contain various logs and some other components.


Many a times a normal user can not generate those files properly and it leads to a lot of wastage of good time, frustrated by this, I wrote a script to generate proper problem reporting files. You can have a look here


The purpose of this guide is to tell the normal user on how to generate those files properly for debugging.


I wrote a script that automatically installs that debug report generator script and then gives you a .zip output.


If you are seeking help about a problem and you are not attaching your problem reporting files, you will be redirected to this thread.


How to generate debug report:-


It is very simple, you just have to download the attached script and run it. The script in attachment will install the tool for you and will then prompt if you want to generate the files.


If you want to generate files next time, you just have to invoke: "gen_debug" from terminal (without quotes)


How to download and run attached script :-


Unzip the downloaded zip file


Open terminal


Assuming your script is in Downloads folder, type the following code :-

chmod a+x ~/Downloads/install_tools.sh

Note: It is recommended to attach output of gen_debug whenever you are reporting a new problem (helps to debug and saves a lot of time). Whenever you change anything, it is compulsory to attach NEW output of gen_debug.


Note 2: It is recommended to update your copy of gen_debug every alternate month (for fixes and new features). To do so, If you are running version 2.1 or above, you can simply type "gen_debug -u" (without quotes) in terminal. If you are running version 2.0 or less, you can use the attached script to update your copy.


Note 3: To check gen_debug version you can run it and then you will see version in the output.



Update 2.3 - 2 Dec 2017:

  • Fixed an issue where timestamp of dump was overridden with current system time, reported by RehabMan. Update using "gen_debug -u"

Update 2.2 - 27Nov 2017:

  • Added option to generate system information dump as requested by Jake, like
# To generate normal report

# To include system dump
gen_debug -sysprofile

# To include system dump but in txt format
gen_debug -sysprofile txt

# Default format is .spx so that the dump opens up with System Information.app

# Any option other than txt will be ignored as script will fallback to .SPX extension  

Update 2.1 - 27Nov 2017:

  • Fixed an issue where IOREG was not saved on some machines
  • You can now update your copy of OSX-Debug by using "-u" arg, like
gen_debug -u



Notice to mods: Can you please move it to appropriate section HERE and then delete this line?


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could be great to use it from a other /Volumes :


ask for volume

volume selected eg /Volumes/Power

search is done on this Volume



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