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ThinkPad W520 High Sierra and Nvidia graphic card

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I've got W520 with running High Sierra on it with configuration based on the great guide by @tluck (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285678-lenovo-thinkpad-t420-with-uefi-only). I works great with integrated video card, the only thing that I'm unable to get working is Nvidia card (Nvidia Quadro 1000m). 


By far I tired the following configuration:


  • SMBIOS set to MBP 10.1 / 9.1 / 8.1
  • Nvidia Web Driver 378.
  • Nvidia enabled in the Clover
  • Video card set to discrete in BIOS 


As a result, after boot, I've got flickering screen with disappearing windows and some artifacts, unfortunately not usable at all.


Does anyone has managed to get this discrete card working on this notebook?


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I have a W520 too. Been using it with El Capitan, didn't tried High Sierra yet. Discrete GPU should be enabled via DSDT. Do you patched your DSDT, or using someone else's patched one?

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@kami11o i have also tried to installl high sierra on my thinkad w520 but failed....flickering screen with quadro 1000m....so i now get back to sierra 12.6 version with nvidia card...all works fine.

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Same laptop, same thing.  I have everything else working perfectly on latest high sierra (10.13.1, just updated to patch the root exploit the other day).  I had the Quadro 1000m GPU working with DSDT injection (not clover) before.  Web drivers have never worked on this laptop, I just get a black wallpaper with lots of artifacting, no acceleration.


I tried rolling back the nVidia drivers to the 10.12.6 drivers.  No more artifacting and I was able to open the DVD player app and move pieces in chess, which I believe means that Core Image is working but Quartz Extreme is not.  So, I think I'm on to something here.  Not sure what else I'd need to swap out for 10.12.6 components, but I assume it's going to be the graphics related frameworks (OpenGL, etc).


I'm going to look at the Sierra Patcher tool I used to install Sierra on some unsupported Macs I own and see what components it swaps out and see if I can't get any closer.  Having a Core i7 laptop w/ 32 GB of DDR3 running on Intel graphics is kind of lame.

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I tried rolling back /S/L/Frameworks/CoreDisplay.framework to the version from 10.12.6 and it just crashes on boot.  without the rollback, I get a black screen after replacing all of the geforce* and NV* kexts in 10.13.1 with 10.12.6 versions... In the process of un borking my laptop from recovery at the moment... back to the drawing board.

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