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Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Bios F5e

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28 minutes ago, HLB said:

Hi MaLd0n... I have some video problems on this motherboard that I did not have with another model, sometimes the system does not start, after a few attempts to boot the bios resets automatically and when I enter the bios my saved settings have been erased by having to reconfigure everything manually again, the sometimes when I use test programs as the other ones that make intensive use of memory and processor the screen blinks and locks, then unlocking but the problem persists randomly while using the computer with intensity, I am currently with an evga 1080ti icx, would have some solution to this problem? I already tested all the hardware in an asrock taichi and I had no problems, what do you suggest I do?

post one full dump


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23 minutes ago, HLB said:

Sorry, I had not noticed about it, I do not use mac, just windows. Podemos falar por privado? Vi que é do RJ.

use my images, search for Olarila Images

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