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    • By Slice
      I think there must be separate thread for binary releases and discussion about.
      I made Sherry based on Wine branch Staging with my Hackintosh specific patches.
      As well there are my mathematical investigations for textures and surfaces.
      Full log
      - security checks if some game wrong using Windows API. WineHQ will crash. Sherry will return "invalid call" for game to decide what to do.
      - reduce a number of tracing leading to lags
      - reduce repeated messages in logs
      - implemented D3DXSaveVolumeToFile, including save .dds files with compression
      - implemented support for DXTn compressed textures. There is a support in Stage but with external library and without Volume support. Sherry has this support.
      - implemented smooth filtering. It will be noticeable when small textures stretched to larger surface.
      - support for textures with several levels. It was partially supported in WineHQ. Stage has no correspondent patches.
      - check for wide range of Videocards (MacOSX specific)
      - correct OSX 10.7.5 graphics bug. So called AMDSpeedHack but affected Geforce 7300 as well. Sherry is faster then WineStage and CrossOver.
      - implemented a possibility to set custom quirks workarounds. For example preventing crash of Heroes VI
      - some support for new DirectX formats like DX9ex
      - check for GL_TIMEOUT_EXPIRED_APPLE. I may note that wine-stage is Linux specific while Sherry is Mac OSX specific.
      - crop images to not write out of window preventing crashes
      - implemented transparency by color key. It was used in some sprite games.
      - I also accepted patches from other people that are not accepted into WineHQ with different reasons, 34166, 35397
      - several security and optimization fixes
      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17286472/Other/WS9WineSherry1.7.53-c.tar.7z  See new below
      It requires update Wineskin Wrapper with my libraries
      2018-02-03 New WrapperUpdate. Some libraries in Update5 was 32bits only. Update6 contains more universal 32/64 libs.
    • By Cappen
      When I start my App Store nothing happens.. Its just gray. Tried to google my problem and looked att som YT videos but I cant find any answer. 
      I run Sierra High 10.13.1
      Tried to reboot computer but nothing new. Just wanted to say that to spare some time for some forum users..
      Regards Marcus

    • By iconoclash
      Ciao ragazzi ho comprato adattare e tastiera del titolo ma sul mio hack in firma non va. 
      Sierra non vede la tastiera, in cosa sbaglio ?
      L'adattatore funziona vede altri disto ed AirPods e la tastiera funziona su altri dispositivi.
      Mi manca qualcosa sull'hack ?
    • By Slice
      Here I want to make instructions for those who still don't know what is Wine.
      I live without MS Windows. How? All program I needed exist in Mac version or can be run through Wine.
      What is Wine? Wine Is Not Emulator. It is Wrapper. It means that all processor commands execute natively with native speed and all library calls redirected to similar library calls using host system drivers.
      The most questionable is DirectX calls. They are replaced by OpenGL calls and shaders run mostly natively.
      Real test shows that same game run on the same computer under Wine a 10% slower then on real Windows. And sometimes even faster with poor quality. Sometimes a game will not work with your Windows version (requiring Vista only for example). Wine can report any version you like. Wine can run Windows 98 games. Sometimes a game will work on stretched window in real Windows. In Wine it works with square pixels 
      OK, go!
      1. Download Wineskin Winery application. It is portal to this solution. It works in ElCapitan no matter what download said.

      2. Start it.

      3. Click + to choose an Engine. Download what proposed.
      4. Click "Update Wrapper"
      5. Quit the Winery for this moment.
      6. Download WrapperUpdate5 and Sherry engines.      Binary releases and tests    
      7. Unpack and copy WrapperUpdate to Wineskin folder
      cp -R ~/Downloads/WrapperUpdate5/* ~/Library/Application\ Support/Wineskin/Wrapper/Wineskin-2.6.2.app/Contents/Frameworks/
      8. Copy WineSherry to engines folder
      cp -R ~/Downloads/WS9WineSherry-1.9.7.tar.7z ~/Library/Application\ Support/Wineskin/Engines/
      9. Start Winery again.
      10. Create New Blank Wrapper.
      11. Show it in Finder and quit Winery.
      12. Start the Wrapper.

      13. Click "Install Software" and choose windows executable setup.exe of your favorite game. Enloy!
      14. Next time you may Open Package Content of the Wrapper and see Wineskin application here. Launch it to see as 12.

      15. Click Advanced and see more options.

      Browse - to choose other executable
      EXE Flags - if the application need it
      Install Sofware - to install more applications into the same wrapper
      Test Run - to run extra applications
      Config Utility (winecfg) - to set some options needed for some game, somehow workarounds if a game will not works.
      Registry Editor - same as on Windows. To change some Windows and Applications settings
      Winetricks - special actions to help some applications work in Wine
      Change Engine Used - to install new WineSherry
      Kill Wineskin Processes -  if the Applications stalls. Like Ctrl-Alt-Del on real Windows. You can skip black screen of hanged application by pressing ALT-TAB
      I will not recommend to set something else here

      So the Wineskin with Sherry has many abilities to tune for a game and many Windows games really working under Wine.
      DirectX9 almost all.
      DirectX10/11 the work in progress.
      Wine is developed very actively. More then 300 commits every two weeks.
      AT this stage I accepted all WineHQ commits and keep my 140 patches specific in Sherry.
      The instruction thread will be continued. Ask!