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Random freeze and SATA LED on

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52 minutes ago, PoisonApple666 said:

not sure what you did but it appears  to be working like a champ...I let the machine run over night and I had no freezing probs....is it the latest clover?  modified config.plist?  if you could explain it for someone who is just not a software guy and definitely not a clover guy it would be greatly appreciated.

regardless thanks very much for your help



is a full DSDT patched and correct config.plist

i need a new files for check ioreg, run app again

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I am having the same issue since I added a new SSD M2 Samsung EVO to my laptop.


What I did :

- I upgraded to Mojave (my first hdd was converted to APFS without notice)

- It went fine for a week, until I added a SSD M2 and use the ‘Trimforce’ Command, it started to freeze with the SATA led on. (EDIT : new SSD is for /user/home)

- Then I disabled Trimeforce, and freeze occurs less often. I cannot disable 'Agressive Link Power Management' (no option in my bios).



What should I do now ?


Thank you,


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