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[SELL or Trade] GA-Z97M-DS3H F7 (Rev1.1) Oz+ACPI+Kexts on ROM

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I sell this MoBo, used 16 months and fully moded for MacOS and Windows, it had 2 times by SPY Flashed (1st: Bad flash, 2nd: used iASL 6.1 instead of iASL5), the chip was removed two times for the SPY but never changed, it's the original chip.


It work well, no problem here, I play games, do Photoshop projects, Playing Music with DAW Softwares as well.


Here's what's inside:


- Ozmosis and it's stuffs (High Sierra)


- AppleALC + Lillu


- RTL8111 Ethernet


- ACPI Tables Updated to (20131218) and patched with these methods: DTGP - OSDW - _DSM, some devices are renamed like: SAT0->SATA, GFX0->IGPU, PEGP->GFX0, B0D3->HDAU and H_EC->EC, SSDT for PowerManagement is the CpuSSDT and it's patched also


- SplashScreen changed to the one on my profile image 


- This board is registered for Windows 10 Pro, so no license needed when installing Windows 10 Pro


- It comes with the original box and accessories


The price for this MoBo is 125 $ + shipping


I will make it on Ebay to for selling, if someone want to trade with GA-Z87 chipset it will be possible.

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