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Precision M6500 Clover USB

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So I have 10.12 installed using Enoch on my laptop. There are some issues I still need to sort out with sleep. However, my plan was to install Clover first, get better support and then also ease my upgrade to 10.13.


So I have a Clover Stick I have prepared and used successfully for installing 10.12 on two other dell laptops. I was expecting to work through issues for my Precision M6500. However, I can't even get to the Clover Boot Screen. I only get a blinking cursor. This same stick has no issue booting on any other laptop.


I am using latest Clover as of this morning. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong? I don't even know where to begin :-(


I'm using the port on the RHS which is USB 2.0. The two ports on LHS I think are USB 3.0, so I expect them to not work.

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Okay I finally got my laptop to boot using Clover USB into my Macintosh HD.

Few things don't work the same way right now like it did with Enoch of the HD, but I'm hoping that's because I don't have Clover booting off the HD.


Bluetooth does not work. I have a Wifi+BT Combo Card and Wifi which I has patched kext for, does work (while I would like to patch through Clover if possible)

Camera does not work.

Biggest issue is USB does not work. EVEN the USB off which I booted using Clover into the HD. This is very strange. USB will not show even through diskutil list so I'm not imagining it.


QE/CI does work. So the question is am I good now to install Clover onto the HD replacing Enoch? If so, I can try work through remaining issues with help from the experts. If someone can please let me know. I've attached all relevant files to this post.


As an aside, my Clover USB cannot see my Windows Partition. Yet another thing I'm hoping gets fixed when I install Clover onto the HD.


Thanks in advance for your time and help.


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Okay so what I was worried about happened. I installed Clover to the Macintosh HD with following options


Install Clover in the ESP

Bootloader/Install boot0af in MBR

CloverEFI/CloverEFI 64-bits SATA

Install RC scripts on Target Volume

Install Clover Preference Pane


For Legacy Clover, it is my understanding above settings are correct. However my hack will not boot off the HD. It goes straight to Windows Partition. Like my Macintosh HD parition is not even present. I don't see a 6 at the corner or anything, just blinking cursor and then Windows logo. Am I missing some option?


I simply have to get this working now, because since I can only boot of the USB, and once in Mac OS I can't see any USB, means really hard for me to get more files onto the disk :-(


Is my only option to reinstall Sierra?

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I need help big time. I changed boot0af to boot0ss and now I booted into MacOS using Enoch off the HD. I had to hit <Enter> a couple of times.

WTF? I thought Clover install should have overwritten Enoch. Enoch is somehow still there and preventing Clover I'm guessing?

What do I do? How do I uninstall Enoch and make Clover take over?

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