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Hi, just some stuff I have learned along the way, you can install a .img with dd to the first partition of a hard drive, even if the image you are usin is on a second partition of the hard drive that it is being installed to, the ratlink drivers(2500) for the usb work very well, the deadmoo image I had to unplug then replug in my antenna to get it to reconnect, but with a image that I made from installing the dvd to vmware then usin dd to put on a hard drive the antenna auto reconnects..not sure why, the sound worked with the deadmoo image, but in the dvd.iso the AppleAC97Audio.kext was missing entirely, and the easiest way that I have found to make a bigger install if you dont have a dvd burner is to install to vmware then change the .vmdk file to .img and use dd from windows(not sure if the changing of file type is neccessary). I think that is about it, I am currently trying to get the sound working on my dvd, I have tried a few ways, it seems I have installed the kext correctly, but maybe it isnt the right one?...if you happen to know if it matters or have the ac97 kext from your deadmoo install, and maybe could shed some light on my final problem I would appreciate it, I hate to start a new topic on a audio problem.


(edit, old news instead of late news is what I meant)

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