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[SUCCESS] ASUS Prime B250M-C with i5 7500, AMD RX560, NVMe

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What works? Everything. Sleep/Wake, NVMe, Airport, Spotlight, AMD-graphics

ASUS Prime B250M-C µATX-board
Intel Core i5 7500 (Kaby Lake)
Gigabyte Radeon RX560 4GB
Airport-compatible PCIe-Card for Wifi and Bluetooth (BCM943602CS)
2 NVMe drives: Samsung P961 with 1 TB and 256 GB

Installed mac OS: 10.13.2
Clover: 4334


*Update 10.13.3*

Added new config.plist and ssdt for AMD injection (config_amd_ssdt_10133.zip). With this config and Intel IGPU activated you'll get Metal2 (macOS GPUFamily1 v3). What did I do? Had to fake Skylake graphics or to prevent apps like iMovie or FinalCut from crashing. With Kabylake kexts loaded and IGPU as secondary graphics card, the computer will hard reset whenever the Intel GPU is utilised. Only Skylake kexts and activated IGPU will give you working Metal2 for the RX560.  


*Update 10.13.2*

Since this update a new approach is advisable to get the RX560 up and running (works for 10.13.1 and GM as well). I've added a working SSDT and injector kext that gives you graphics and HDMI audio. Sleep works fine too if you add the DSDT I compiled.  


Credits go to @Toledo @Mork vom Ork and @Mieze because their work made this possible.

*Update* I've added NEW config.plist and DSDT. For proper graphics power management you have to activate onboard graphics in BIOS but make PCIE the primary display. Furthermore you have to inject ig-platform-id 0x59120003 and let Clover patch GFX0 to IGPU. This is the only way to avoid crashes of iMovie, FinalCut or slowdowns after video playback.

This may be the smoothest Hackintosh of my life. It is easier than Sierra install due to native support for most of the used hardware in High Sierra. Not much to do, using an up-to-date Clover version like 4184. Make sure you have apfs.efi in /Clover/drivers64UEFI/ on your EFI partition and that you delete EmuVariableUEFi.efi (downside: iMessage doesn't work without it). Somehow Rehabman's SSDT in /Clover/ACPI/patched helps avoiding crashes in iTunes.

Needed kexts (on your EFI into /Clover/kexts/Other): FakeSMC, IntelMausiEthernet for ethernet, USBInjectAll and XHCI-200-series-injector for USB, Lilu and AppleALC for audio, Whatevergreen for AMD graphics, IntelGraphicsFixup and AMD9xxxControllerPatcher.kext.


DSDT and SSDT go into EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched.






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Hey there,


I'm considering buying the Radeon RX560. Can you tell me if it's fully supported / performing like you expected it to? Are there any issues or stuff not working?

Also, did you have to use another card / display port at any stage? I don't have onboard graphics, so I will have to do the entire installation and troubleshooting using the card.



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It should be fully supported and you'll only need whatevergreen.kext (and of course lilu.kext) to make it work. However, I still have activated the Intel graphics for iTunes support etc. Nearly every dedicated graphics card (nVidia and AMD) has DRM problems on Hackintoshes.

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Would you be able to help me navigate a new install? I've managed to install High Sierra successfully using the Nvidia card. I thought it would be a straight swop apart from the new kexts, but I'm stuck in a permissions loop, so I probably have to do a new install. Problem is, NONE of my backup EFI folders are working, so I now have to start from scratch.


Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I reviewed your EFI folder and it is a mess ;) A lot of unnecessary kexts and patches in your config. If you have a similar hardware as I have (which I still don't know) just ditch everything in your EFI and fill it according to #1 post.

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Hey, can I ask should BCM94360CS2 working with pci-e x1 adapter with USB port on the mainboard?


edit: or maybe I should get the one like your BCM943602CS, also what is Broadcom 20702A3?. I can't find anywhere to buy it

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Hey There

I have a Gigabyte Z77X-UP-TH board running Radeon RX 560. I also have sleep wake issues, where the monitor on the DVI port wakes up but the one on the display port doesn't. I tried using the SSDT and it takes away the display port display and runs on one monitor. Any suggestions on how i can fix this?

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      Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this, I can't seem to get past this screen, I've tried booting in verbose and safe mode to help diagnose the issue, but it keeps looking like the system is rejecting my CPU? am I forgetting something to do in the bootloader menu of clover on the drive? Kernel extensions? or the plist files? I've tried a lot of things. help would be much appreciated.

      Don't have access to download the Mojave installer and try that, but I assume it would be similar to this.

      I have included my EFI boot loader, and the error in hopes that it may help

      System build here

      Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Wifi
      32GB ballistix ddr4
      RX560 4GB