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Weird Account Locking issue

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Hi guys,


I've got a weird and annoying issue. I can't get a hackintosh using SMBIOS iMac 17,1 to be registered as "trusted device" (which can receive Apple authentication codes). The MLB & ROM are from a real iMac. And I can log into iMessage with no problem. BUT I can't make it so that that device receives authentication codes. And that's not a big issue, but because it's not detected as "trusted", it messes up other things. Also, whenever I turn on that computer, it asks me to login to iCloud to "fix a problem". Login works fine. But doing that on every login, becomes annoying very fast.


Problem is, and this is the most annoying part of all, when you have such a device linked to your iCloud account and you login from a new device, trusted or not, it doesn't matter, it automatically locks down your account and forces you to reset your password. If you don't have that device on your account and you do the same thing, no issues.


Any idea why in the name of GOD does this happen with real serials? What am I missing? This is driving me crazy!

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