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I am sure this can be DONE !......

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Hello to all you people that are much smarter that me !!


I could probably eventually figure this out, it would take me a very long time and thats what i dont have much of at the minute ... but why waste the time when I am sure someone knows the and answer already or would at lest be have a an idea of how to do this....  


Hopefully I can explain this clearly .... 


Here is what I am looking for .... 

is an APP or script that will allow 


To copy and past a set of PDF's and into a new subfolder but using a CSV file to dictate how many times any one particular PDF into said folder. 


for example: 


"Folder 2020"


Subfolder "PDF's"

2020 A01.pdf 

2020 A02.pdf 

2020 A03.pdf 

2020 A04.pdf 

2020 A05.pdf 

2020 A06.pdf 

**CSV file in the folder**


CSV File Info:



Design Code  

2020 A01

2020 A02

2020 A03

2020 A04

2020 A05

2020 A05


Column 2









An app I can launch (desktop) ...... 


1. that will prompt me to choose a CSV file from a folder ... 

which will give the command information:


2.Choose the CSV file.... 

3. Run Application.... 


4. App would then create a new sub folder called "binder 2020" for example.

It would then copy the pdf listed in the CSV file from sub folder "PDF's" into this new Subfolder "binder 2020"

and multiple times according to the number in the "count" column in the CSV file ..


end result: 


subfolder "binder 2020"


2020 A01.PDF  

2020 A01.PDF2

2020 A02.PDF

2020 A03.PDF

2020 A03.PDF2

2020 A03.PDF3

2020 A03.PDF4

2020 A04.PDF

2020 A04.PDF2

2020 A04.PDF3

2020 A05.PDF

2020 A06.PDF

2020 A06.PDF2

2020 A06.PDF3

2020 A06.PDF4


Hopefully that is clear 

I would really appreciate any input, suggestions, or point me in the correct direction ... 


thank you all for your time - its much appreciated 

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    • By LooN3y
          I'm using two developer accounts on one app, i changed the provisioning profile and developer account to my other one to build.   But it give me there error "valid provisioning profile was not found"     i added this said device to the account i want to build it on and added it to the provisioning profile.   it still gives me this error, can anyone advise? I did import the correct certificate with the private key.
    • By Allan
      What is Wineskin?
      Wineskin is a tool used to make ports of Windows software to Mac OS X.  The ports are in the form of normal Mac application bundle wrappers.  It works like a wrapper around the Windows software, and you can share just the wrappers if you choose.
      Best of all, its free!


      If you are using Mac OS X and want to run Windows applications, the most popular option is to install Windows OS using Bootcamp, or run Windows in a virtual machine. Linux users will know that you can use Wine to install and run Windows applications natively. The good news is that Mac users can run Wine to install Windows applications as well. Wineskin is a Wine-tool ported over to the Mac platform. Check out how you can run Windows applications on Mac OS X.
      Wineskin is simply an implementation of Wine at its core. For those who are not sure what Wine (an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is, it is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X.

      The installation is pretty straight-forward.
      1. Download Wineskin from website. The latest version as of this post is 2.5.12. But now the 2.6.0 is available.
      2. Extract the file and move the Wineskin app to your Applications folder. Open it.

      On the first run, there won’t be any engine showing up in the list. Click the “+” button to download and install the latest engine. The engine is required to make the Windows applications work.

      Once the engine is installed, you are ready to install Windows applications.
      Installing Windows applications
      Before you start, make sure you have the executable file of the desired Windows application with you. Note that Wineskin doesn’t support all the Windows applications out there. Check out Wine’s AppDB to see if the application you want is supported.
      1. Click the “Create New Blank Wrapper” button and enter a name for this wrapper. In this example, we will be installing Peazip on Mac.

      While creating the wrapper, it will prompt you to install mono package for running .Net applications and Gecko package for running HTML-based apps.

      2. Once the wrapper is created, open it in Finder; right click and select “Show Package Content.”

      You should see two folders: “Contents” and “drive_c” and a Wineskin app. Run the Wineskin app.

      3. Select “Choose Setup executable” and select the executable file of the Windows application.

      The installation will proceed just like it does in Windows.

      Running Windows applications
      Run the Wineskin app (from the Wrapper folder) again. This time, click “Advanced.” Browse and select the installed application and click “Test Run.” This will run the Windows application.

      This is what the application will look like:

      Once you are happy with the test run, the next time you can just double click the Wrapper app to open this application.
      That’s it.
      Source: Make Tech Easier
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      The apps jump up a few times and then they suddenly terminate (and the light in dock turns out).
      What could be the problem? What could I do to solve the problem?
      I appreciate every piece of advice.
    • By b0cks
      Disclaimer: This is my app, not sure about the rules on promotional threads on InsanelyMac. I don't normally post threads about my own stuff, but I thought this would be pretty useful to the Hackintosh community. InsanelyMac & TonyMacx86 have helped me so much.
      So I went from W7 (which had a multitude of great apps for dealing with more than one monitor like Ultramon) to an OS X Lion Hackintosh, which I loved infinitely more but apparently didn't work too well out of the box with a multiple monitor setup.
      A bit about my setup for anyone who cares:
      Mobo: ASUS P6T
      CPU: i7 920
      GPU: GTX 470 SLI (ugh, huge headache not knowing how to do EFI strings)
      RAM: 6GB OCZ Gold
      Monitors: 2x 24" Samsung SyncMasters.
      Here's my attempt at dealing with the multiple monitor problem: Multimon. (<- Click to view in App Store)
      • Multiple Menu Bars
      ⁃ Should work for any number of monitors, the max I was able to test up to was 3 though.
      (Hackintoshers with 9 monitor setups, please let me know ).
      • Advanced Window Management
      ⁃ You're more productive with another monitor but nobody wants to drag windows left and right.
      Easily send a window to any of your monitors via a drop down or a hotkey. Maximize or minimize too!
      • Automatic Window Resizing
      ⁃ A lot of us hackintoshers don't have the luxury of matching dual cinema displays . This'll automatically resize windows that are too large onto smaller monitors.
      • Hotkeys
      ⁃ Pretty customizable hotkeys for a bunch of the features listed above as well as quickly hiding all menu bars, etc.
      So yup, that's it.
      You can tweet me for support / feedback at @delveapps.
      Chat with me about hackintosh / apps / design / tech / anything at @aaronykng .
      Hope you guys find it useful. Look forward to hearing what you guys think.