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Sierra 10.12.6 installation failure on FX 8320

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Hello everybody,


since a week i am during the installation for a bootable USB stick for installing osx sierra on my amd pc.

I've read many of posts from hackintosh and other forums.


I've used a lot of TuT's and bootloaders, installer...


On my macbook i downloaded the MacOS Sierra installer (10.12.6).


Can anybody tell me, how i make the bootable usb and which kernel i should use for this? Bootloader? Something else?


The most reason for failure was a reboot loop after i start the installer from clover.


In best case there is anybody with same specs as mine with a good Tutorial i can follow.


My specs:


CPU: AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor

Board: MSI 970 Gaming AM3+

Graphic: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 NVidia / GTX 750 TI  (i have 2 cards)

RAM: 16GB G.Skill 2133MHZ


I hope you can help me!

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Use Pandora tool, find it in download

He prepares the usb istaller, after installing Clover
So if you are the bios legacy

Schermata 2017-08-12 alle 17.01.50.png

Schermata 2017-08-12 alle 17.02.43.png


After you put my fixes




1) Kernel, run in S/L/K and replace the folder


2) Use kext wizard and install the kext that are
In the kext S/L /E folder
And fix permissions and caches


3) mount the usfi istaller Efi folder with configurator clover

and put the kexts in the kext clover folder in the kext /10.12 folder


Then open the config.plist
Always with clover configurator
And put these flags
(Important for now to put nv_disable)

After installation, you will need to install the webdrive for those nvidia cards


Remember that after installing you will have to put the kernel and kext back into S/L/E
And reusing the usb as the first boot

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Thanks for your reply. I can follow step for step.

So now i am finish the configuration and put in the usb in the pc and start:


with boot args: -v nv_disable=1


a failure appears: "This Version of Mac OS X is not supported on this Platform!" Reason: Mac-F42C88C8


Then i boot with: -v nv_disable=1 -no_compat_check


a failure appears: Error loading kernel Cache (0x9)


What did I wrong?


EDIT: with this boot args:


"-v npci=0x2000 maxmem=6144 USBBusFix=Yes nv_disable=1 cpus=1"


I went to the installation gui for the FIRST TIME! This makes me smile, but when i change my language (german in my way) a popup comes up and says "OSX cant install on this computer... restart and try again..."

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Thanks for your reply! The installation is now running. Is it normally that the installer stuck at 15 minutes left since 30mins? 

The log say "Extracting file ......BaseSystemResources.pkg (destination= ....../.OSInstallSandBoxPath/Root, uid=0)"

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So, it took been a while but now it's full installed! Thanks for this! 


Now how i can boot it correctly? When i boot from my sata hdd clover starts, did I run the normaly boot with those args i used in install? 


Without args and only the smbios edit the apple logo appears but the pc just reboot...


Can you help me here?

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Soo, now i've found Shanees Post Installation Tutorial (before i dont know what it is) and installed it correctly. 

Now I have Hackintosh on my computer ! Thanks for your help! 


For My Killer Lan Driver i've downloaded the Kext and installed it successfully! 


Now I am installing Nvidia Webdrivers, hope that all working good for a long time! 


Guys, thanks for your work on this Project, this is fantastic!


Have a good day!

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