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intel graphics gt1 - 10.12.6

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im new to all of this and i wanted to try it on my old dell inspiron 3542

it have a pentium 3588u cpu and aintel graphicks pt1

the system workd great, even managed to get the wifi going but i have strange artifacts on the screen, usually on dark background, horisontal lines thats seems to be screen update or somethin

i know its not supported but from what i know its ientical to the 4200, any chance for help?


No support for Haswell Intel HD graphics (only for HD 4200/4400/4600/5000 and Iris 5100/5200) so there's not much you can do about your trouble. Unless you could change your Pentium CPU for a Core "i" model, your Inspiron is just not suitable as a Hackintosh. Sorry.


Mobile Intel HD 4200/4400/4600 are only supported by faking desktop HD 4600 id 0x0412 because Apple never integrated CPUs with those iGPU in their MacBook range. You could try the same of course (and testing various Azul layout ids) but I'm pretty sure it won't give you graphics acceleration...


Haswell Intel HD is not identical to Haswell Intel HD 4200.

For additional info, you can look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_HD_and_Iris_Graphics#Haswell

thanks for the reply
no way to trick the system? to use lower settings? change refresh rate? 

i dont need it for graphics, only for coding
when i use android studio on light theme (black text on white bg)  its working great, when i switch to dark theme (black bg and colored text) every letter i type and the screen gets the problem

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I Successfully Enabled QE/CI
But there may be some minor problems

The reason is that the Haswell GT1 does not support the AVX instruction set.

I will continue to add the instruction set to OpcodeEmulator (After Mojave has enabled QECI And handle the screen freeze problem)

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