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Help with power management X299

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Whilst I've been successful at making one of the first X299 hacks, I'm a complete noob with stuff like DSDT and SSDT for that matter.

I need help!

I was running Brumbaer's pmdrvr kext ok on my X99 but it doesn't work now. My i9 7900x is stuck at full noise - 4.5 GHz. As you can see



What information do you need from me to get P states working?

Thanks in advance :)


I'll attach a send me file and an IOreg file if that helps. Maybe my clover too...

pete’s Mac Pro.zip

Send me pete’s Mac Pro.zip


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`All good now :)

I took out all of my kext and kernel patches and now it's happy. 6 speedsteps, all USBs, only sound is not there but I use a USB DAC anyway.

THis platform is amazing! ALmost natively supported...

Overclock's good - 4.8 all cores and 1.25v   :D



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