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XHCI port limit patch for High Sierra


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I am sorry I forgot who is the author of the idea of this patch for Sierra.

In High Sierra the kext binary changed and new patch required.

Initial state

Снимок экрана 2017-06-20 в 19.53.49.png

as you see there are only 15 ports. 14 HS** and one SS01. The reason is AppleXHCIPCI.kext has a restriction in 15 ports and count both USB2+USB3.

Intel chipset Z170 has 14 ports USB2 and 10 ports USB3 but we have 14+1. 

Kernel log tell us

kernel: (AppleUSBXHCIPCI) 000001.769617 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: ports limit reached.  Not creating the remaining 11 ports



The patch for Sierra

found: 83BD74FF FFFF10

replace: 83BD74FF FFFF19


For High Sierra

found: 837D8410

replace: 837D8419


Or visual

Снимок экрана 2017-06-20 в 19.57.55.png


The result

Снимок экрана 2017-06-20 в 20.30.10.png

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Not working for Z270 Motherboards, both USBInjectAll and 200 series kexts and latest clover on High Sierra DP2.

Oops, yes, the patch has changed since DP2! Here is the new one: :)

# since DP2
Find: 837D8C10
Repl: 837D8C19

As for USBInjectAll... I don't know details, you may need to talk with @RehabMan.


Also, old post updated. :)


EDIT @ 30/06/2017: The patch doesn't change under 17A291m.

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