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Dell XPS 15 9560: 4K Touch, 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM, 100% AdobeRGB​

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On 9/26/2018 at 1:39 PM, kamalaggi said:

I've successfully upgraded my dell 9560 to Mojave and everything is working great. Just have to add -cdfon to the bootflags for 4k support.


EDIT: I tried to connect external monitor via HDMI but laptop just reboots. I've also started to get random reboots.


I wrote a guide for Mojave, it's a work in progress but I can confidently say it's 85% good but somethings I can't test like USB-C and Thunderbolt. Best trackpad usage I've ever had with hack it's pretty amazing.


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Hi, I'm new to Hackintosh and this forum. In the guide it mention "attached Clover folder", I can't find any zip file in this post, can someone help provide the link? Thanks!

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