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What's the best pre-built native system?

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Hi all,


I've just started my new job in a design agency, where I need to work in OS X as well as XP.


My employer has asked me send required hardware specs, but due to budget considerations, I wondered if any pre-built store or online bought 'PC's are recommended for osx86 purposes?


I would ideally like to just send a link to pre-packaged Dell (or better) system that is Core 2 duo based with a large display, that has all it's hardware natively supported.


(I don't mind a bit of kext replacement ie. 10.4.8 with 8.8.1 kernal and titan/natit nvidia graphics maybe?)


I guess that being office based dual-screen support is more important than 3d performance, but is GMA950 useable for Photoshop etc. ? Sound is not really important, but gigabit lan would be a bonus.


Any recommendations, that can match/beat an iMac 20" on features and price?


Thanks in advance.

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PC = PowerPC


other than that alotta dells can run it. most dell dimensions are compatible.

Thanks for your reply.


I've got OSX running OK on my home P4 desktop and centrino laptop, but for work I basically just need to convince them that a 20" imac £1,000+ is worth the extra over a Dell + screen for ~£750.


If it HAS to be a Dell, then I'd like to know if any specific Core 2 duo models have FULLY compatable LAN and Graphics?

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