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[Guide] El Capitan, Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina on Intel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Chipset Series / Nehalem, SandyBridge, IvyBridge, Haswell, Broadwell

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u have a fresh install?

Strange issue.


Sleep, u can try darkwake

Not fresh install.From 10.12 to 10.12.4

Testing darkwake

Darkwake make no difference

Anyway thanks for your time and help.

I will make more tests ,and I will let you Know.

One more questions: Why on battery information(System Preferences)Cycle Count: 0 and Amperage (mA): 0 on AC POWER ?

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Notebook need many tests, if u found a pack, done, if no, need time and tests a lot. ;)

I know.

I have more than a year since I'm still testing. True, not daily

If it's not too much, please see what's wrong with the patced ACPI I made long time ago


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Hi MaLd0n,


I am using your DSDT which you created for me but I have a problem. When I start my machine after clover screen I am getting kernel panic but its not stuck there its appear 2 seconds and machine restart itself and second times its boot without any problem. Sometimes it happened 3 times than after tree times its boot the desktop. As I read it in short time on the kernel screen sometimes it says Lilu.kext sometimes it says FakeSMC.kext but I am not sure cause it is really fast restart itself. If I can picture it, I will upload it. But its really fast. 


I attached my files and my full specs in my signature. Could you please check my files is there any wrong. Thank you.


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remove fakesmc sensors and other things


let me know if u have a problem!


I am not using it. I changed Clover folder and its super slow loading and half of the loading bar I am getting prohibition symbol.

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press bar space, acpi and changed dsdt.aml to dsdt02.aml


Next reboot i think work, the problem is Clover, many trimes dont load table and inject kexts




Press key O in clover boot screen, Acpi, name, changed dsdt.aml to dsdt02.aml, if dont have nothing, put name DSDT.aml


not barspace :D

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I have a problem.I turned off my laptop by power button after unsuccessful sleep, after that every time I attempt to turn it on, it will shutting down automatically.

here is some screenshot in verbose mode. 

please help to solve it otherwise I had to reinstall os :( 







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Corrupted partition


u use NVME kext or patches?

no, only clover folder that you provided for me (post #3). without any change.

os partition is not corrupted I can access to sierra partition from windows.

Edited by rafigh89

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Ur system is Corrupted, need repair with DiskWarriorBottable, e.g.

this problem repeated twice in last 10 days, in your opinion, what is the reason

​DSDT or Clover config?

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