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Help for installation macosx ElCaptain or sierra in p8z77-v premium

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Hi my nick is daltanious78 i have a friend That is going to install on your PC the MacOS ElCaptain or Sierra the PC as far as i remember (since I do not have a report to check it out) the computer is so composed:

Motherboard: Asus p8z77-v premium
Cpu: Intel Core i5 2320 QuadCore Cpu 3.0GHz SR02L
Ram: 8GB (Crucial if I Do not Remember)
HDD: SDD Kingston 240Gb
Video card: Nvidia GT630 or GT730 (I do not remember which of the 2)
LG DVD Burner

How do you recommend installing macos and drivers for your video card and sound card?

Thanks for everything

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Hi, I would need a little help for installing Sierra on the pc that has this motherboard.

I have made many attempts and no one has succeeded, using the command -v (verbose mode) this message appears.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you


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hi to all, I have problems with the installation and configuration of my video card, someone could give me a hand or at least some suggestions to solve this problem?


this is my configuration:


Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V Premium

CPU: I5-3470


Nvidia gtx960 4gb ram

HDD 500GB (No SSD)


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