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Asus 1001HA Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Guide

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Last time, I successfully installed Snow Leopard on my Asus EEE PC 1001HA netbook. I used a lot tutorials, but they didn't worked well (graphics artefacts and kernel panics) This tutorial should work on every Asus EEE PC 10xx netbook or netbook with Intel Atom N270 

(but some steps can be different)


1.What do you need:


1.iAtkos S3 v2 Mac OS X 10.6.3   -   DVD or Bootable Flash Drive

2.Supplemental USB Flash Drive

3. My 1001HA/10xx Kexts package



So Lets Begin!


Step 1: Bios Settings


Go to bios and make sure you have:

Correct Time

AHCI Mode Enabled

iAtkos Disk set as first in Boot Priority 


Step 2: Installation

Before installation format disk in Disk Utility and Format it as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)


Follow steps, and before installing on Disk Choosing menu click Customize (do not uncheck anything, i will tell what must be unchecked)



  • Bootloader:
    • AsereBLN v1.19
  • Bootloader Options:
    • 32-bits boot
    • Graphics Enabler
    • Ethernet
  • Patches:
    • /Extra directory
    • fakesmc
    • Disabler
    • RTC 32-bit (make sure there's only RTC 32 bit checked!!)
    • Modified Kernels:
      • Atom Kernel
    • Evo Reboot
    • Sleep Enabler
  • Drivers
    • Main Hardware
      • SATA/IDE
        • AHCI SATA
    • Sound
      • Voodoo HDA
    • PS/2
      • Voodoo PS/2
    • CPU Power Mangement
      • Voodoo Power
    • Laptop Hardware
      • Battery
      • Card Reader
      • ACPI Thermal (32 bit)
    • VGA
      • Intel
        • EFI string
        • GMA 950
          • GMA 950 27AE (32 bit) (There are two options! Choose that when you have 1000h/1001HA netbook. You can check what GMA you have in Hardware Info app )
    • Network
      • Wired
        • Atheros
          • Atlantsic L1E

After installation is complete, follow steps in order to initialize your hackintosh.




Step 3: Post Install
If you ended configuration, you would get into post install process.
1.Connect your pen drive with Kexts and open it in Finder
2.Using kext helper b7 install all kexts contained in your pen drive
3. After doing that, copy RaWLAPI.framework into /System/Extensions/Frameworks folder
4.Now run Kext Utility and wait (it is going to repair kexts' permissions and caches)
5.Reboot using Shut Down in menu
Step 4: Voila! Here's your netbook! Enjoy!
(PS: I you have any problem, I will reply and help ya!)
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