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non-system disk JAS 10.4.6


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I've allready searched for the error "non-system disk" but if haven't found any answer only questions...

First installed the Version 10.4.6 with dualboot and bootloader (like in the tutorial) but it wasn't working. So I decided installing osx only for testing reasons. The installtion runs perfect, I've selected the patches for intel cpu. After restarting my PC I've got the "error" Non-System disk.

After booting with the osx-setup-dvd I was looking into the harddisk setting. I suppose that the os must be on my harddisk it tells that there were about 20000 folders / files on it!

Why did the os doesn't boot?


My System: FSC Amilo M 1425

Intel Pentium M (SSE2)

Ati Radeon Mobile 9700


- 10 GB Mac

- 60 GB Ms-Dos (format in osx setup for later win xp installation)


every help an idea is welcome :o

thank you in advance

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