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Help getting Audio and Sleep with (ALC887) Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P

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Good now. ;)


U test sleep now?

Perfect, thank you! It seems like it still doesn't work, but it doesn't matter since I've already configured it to only turn off the screen,


one thing of OS X that I love is that you can get the desktop as you left it before shutting it down, so that's a great alternative :thumbsup_anim:  


I couldn't be more grateful with all the work you've put into just my individual case, I owe you one bro, I wish you success with everyting in your life, have a good day!


And now it's time to start working  :yoji:

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Hey bro! I have fresh news, I changed my old HD 7950 to a new GTX 1080!  :thumbsup_anim:


Since I set up my Hackintosh, I lost the ability to sleep both the Hack and the Windows one (perhaps formatting the 2nd one would have fixed it), and now I hope to be able to fix that!


Currently the Hack boots ok, but it doesn't detect the graphics card like you can see on the image below:




Could you please help me understand what could we do to finally fix this hackintosh? Hopefully with this new purchase of mine everything can be fine now  :D


As always, thank you so much and have a good day!



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I've done that and now I get a prohibited sign:


Clover Configurator > Mount EFI partition > Open EFI partition > Replace the CLOVER folder

Download the newer version of Clover EFI Bootloader > Open and install it

Download the Web Drivers of my version of El Capitan 10.11.5 here in InsanelyMac and Install them


I may have done something wrong but I don't know what exactly.. If you think it's better to make a clean installation just tell me, I have everything I need backed up. Thank you!

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just rename dsdt in clover boot screen


press O, go to Acpi Patchin', dsd name put dsdt02.aml

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just rename dsdt in clover boot screen


press O, go to Acpi Patchin', dsd name put dsdt02.aml

Now it boots! But only the first time since I have to change it now in Clover Configurator I guess.


It stills doesn't detect the graphics card, but I have another problem even before all of this, and is that when I mount the partition, I don't see it in Finder, I can just open it via the Clover Configurator Button "Open Partition".


Defenitely your patience deserves "another beer" lol  :hysterical:  sorry mate but I feel you  :D

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back to ur old DSDT with new folder, u can?


Done! And now I can reboot as before. It still doesn't detect my graphics card, could it be the web driver or something?


I checked the Nvidia Web Driver as a Graphics Driver. Reboot it. Nothing.

Change the DP to HDMI. Boot it. See a clean 1080p which is cool but everything sketchy because it isn't the graphics card but 7mb Display Memory, checked the Drivers again. Reboot. Nothing.


Thank you for your time!

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      Hi guys, I have my dsdt.aml extracted from windows.
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      Hello everybody
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      Sorry for my English, i hope somebody understood me =)
      UPD: I solved the problem and hibernation worked very well whith integrated graphics hd530.
      If you want to hibernation works:
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