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Is your computer constantly rebooting itself after installation?

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Having troubles booting into your osx?

have you tried these?

more to be updated soon.


1). Rechecking your installed patches

Before you INSTALL your osx, you didnt hit CUSTOMIZE to check the patches that YOU NEED for your computer. If these patches arent there, then your osx will NOT run correctly.

(Example: on the 10.4.6 install disc, it says the 10.4.6 combo update is absolutely necessary for all intel based PC's, for my case using an Intel Dual Core Pentium D processor, I would definetly check this mark.


2). Booting in Diagnostics Mode (Verbose)

if the circle with the slash comes on top of the apple logo while booting up osx,

you can restart your computer,

go into your os selector,

then right after you hit your osx button (to boot up osx)

you quickly tap F8 (several times would be nice)

then you will see a dos-format boot menu, and it should already have highlighted your osx. just type in


and hit ENTER, and the system should boot up in a diagnostics mode (verbose mode).

you MAY only need to do this ONE TIME.


3). Coming soon!

more coming soon...


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