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[Guide] Sierra / High Sierra on mobos Serie 100 / 200 / 300 / SkyLake / KabyLake / CoffeeLake DSDT

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actually just read your reponse. i had been thinking along the same lines and had already tried a fresh install flash drive on a completely different usb drive and ended up with identical results, just a few hours ago.

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Hi MaLd0n,

Hope you can help me.


I installed Sierra 10.12.3 in my laptop in signature following a Rehabman guide. All Ssdt come from the guide (I only changed layout-id in Hdef to enable audio) and the config itself too, changed by me for few thinghs. Almost all is ok, but


1) Usb2 ports don't work (also the webcam, I suppose it's plugged via internal usb)


2) the brightness doesn't work with fn keys (but it's not very important).


3) I also think that amd Gpu is not disabled via Ssdt because the battery decrease enough fastly (but not sure). In system info the gpu is detected.


4) Another problem is that if I shutdown laptop with a pendrive plugged (or a mouse plugged via usb) it reboot instead of shutdown.



Here is my efi folder, clean Dsdt and ioreg, thank you very much!


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Hi MaLd0n,


I have an almost identical set up to yours.... i have a Z270x-Gaming k5 , i7 7700k CPU and a GTX 980. Are you able to help generate the correct DSDT/SSDT for me ? (I am currently using your DSDT which you shared earlier but I am not entirely sure if it is helping or hindering)


Please see attached. 


Many Thanks!

Archive 3.zip

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Use Clover folder post installation first post and activate ur video or other thing if u need


for Nvidia, if u need use agdpfix, boot with nv_disable=1 and run


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U have many SSDTs, i dont use it, i use only one SSDT and DSDT, i like clean install, all in one file

SSDT today = presets ;)

post Kp photo

Check ur AMD gpu in ioreg, just changed in SSDT ;)

i think other ppl have a ssdt pnlf too, use ssdt and kext or just check in clover Acpi fixs PNLF

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i dont apply "nothing" in DSDT, only irqs fix and pnlf with disable, ssdt have disable too ;)

last time Clover dont load my DSDTs in first boot, i dont know about it, i think solve in next versions ;)


Brightness work?

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No, unfortunately.

I think u need check SSDTs

Check here

MaLd0n 2017-03-29 às 10.39.11.png








skylake dont have ehci devices, pnlf u have in DSDT, lpc, simple patch in DSDT solve, sbus too, sata too...

This link contains ioreg, acpi files (runme.app) and clover bootloader files. 

Link fail, bro!

Send me again.


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