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[Guide] Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina on mobos Serie 100 / 200 / 300 / SkyLake / KabyLake / CoffeeLake DSDT

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Use a fresh install with ur nvidia GPU, use nv_disable=1


after install system, install Clover with these options

MaLd0n 2017-04-23 às 13.49.40.png



replace folder


install pascal web driver 10.12.4



if u need use voodootscsync

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hey @mald0n back with my z270 itx ac posting the files you said you need  for the DSDT :D :D

I didn't use VoodooTSCSync with my 7700k after all as it didn't seem to be needed for my installation to go OK but changed the SMBIOS because with 17,1 after installing web drivers, on boot the screen would go black.thanks a lot for help files uploaded in one zip here http://www.mediafire.com/file/ilsal3v2b2cx0ay/Archive.zip plzif you could also patch thunderbolt to work it would be lovely! :) thanks a lot for your help 

edit: forgot to press F4 and origin folder will be empty check here http://www.mediafire.com/file/cv3mlo3hoj0d3zc/origin.zip

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@MaLd0n firstly thanks for your work! so, tried your Clover folder aaaand :( cpu related kernel panic as it seems (rebooted 2-3 times same thing )) 

then though I tried changing on the clover boot screen the DSDT name to DSDT1 (so clover won't find the dsdt) and the pc booted normally with the iMac 17,1 smbios as it seems with sound not working :/ 

should a post the new ioreg?since the DSDT seems to be the problem :/ 

thanks a lot for your help as always!!!!

EDIT:I posted the new IOREG just in case it is needed. :Dhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/cjd9xa6aur1zh0e/Jim%E2%80%99s_iMac.ioreg 

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First of all, thank so much for your work and this post.  I skimmed through the whole thread, don't see anyone else having this problem.  So I can only assume I'm making a rookie mistake.  Every time I try to install Sierra, I end up booting right back into El Capitan.


I have a GA-Z270MX and 7700k


I followed instructions precisely, I think.  Created the installer USB with the script, but I used the second version.  Installed clover on USB with UEFI options and OSXAptioFixDRV.  Then I copied your installation clover folder to my USB EFI.  Booted from USB into installer.  It ran for about 15 minutes then rebooted with no warning.  I selected boot option to boot from USB again, this time booting into Mac OS X on my system drive.  And every time I try this, I am still running El Cap.  Did I make an obvious mistake?

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Thanks for the quick reply!!!  Ok, you're right, I had a windows drive connected.  I disconnected it and also changed BIOS to boot USB so I don't have to catch it on my own.  I am doing the install again right now.  Just wanted to clarify, the steps I described is the correct procedure, then?  And my mobo and CPU are fine as long as I'm using your clover folder?  

EDIT: You were right, it was the hard drive.  I am booted back into Mac and it is now installing properly so far.  That was easy, thanks!

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mobo is Gigabyte Z270MX Gaming 5

CPU is i7-6700k

Graphics card is GTX 980Ti



U need test audio, serie 20 have many problems with audio



send me new ioreg after reboot with new files

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